President James Herbert interviewed by 'Mainebiz;' discusses UNE’s upcoming pursuits

President James Herbert
President James Herbert

October 11, 2017

Mainebiz recently interviewed UNE President James Herbert, Ph.D., and published excerpts from the interview in its October 11 issue.

In the interview, Herbert spoke about what the University seeks to accomplish in the near future and why the strategic planning process is crucial to an educational institution’s survival. “Higher education has become very competitive for lots of reasons,” he explained. “To stay ahead of that, and to make sure you‘re vibrant, you’ve got to be very nimble and have a plan that allows you to be flexible as well as strategic.”

Among the specific goals that Herbert mentioned are building on the strength of the University’s Interprofessional Education program; creating new programs, such as big data and data analytics programs, to keep up with market needs; strengthening UNE’s commitment to being a “global university;” and developing more interdisciplinary programs.

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