UNE Center for Global Humanities presents “A Case Against Free Trade and Over-Globalization”

Graham Dunkley
Graham Dunkley

September 21, 2017

Has the integration of the world’s economies gone too far, resulting in a world that has become overly globalized? On either side of the Atlantic, voters have suggested they believe this may be the case, directing Britain to leave the European Union and electing a US president who ran on an “America First” platform.

A lecture by Australian economist Graham Dunkley at the University of New England’s Center for Global Humanities will investigate this question further, arguing that falling growth rates during the era of global integration should, indeed, prompt governments to rethink future economic liberalization proposals. The lecture, titled “A Case against Free Trade and Over-Globalization,” will take place Monday, September 25 at 6:00 p.m. at the WCHP Lecture Hall in Parker Pavilion on the UNE Portland Campus.

Dunkley, who lives in the Yarra Ranges outside Melbourne, Australia, earned his Ph.D. in economic and labor history at Monash University in Melbourne. Later, he served for many years as a senior lecturer in economics at Melbourne’s Victoria University. He has also worked as a journalist and with NGOs in India. His books include One World Mania: A Critical Guide to Free Trade; Financialization and Over-Globalization; The Free Trade Adventure; and Free Trade: Myth, Reality and Alternatives.

This event will be the second of nine lectures at the Center for Global Humanities this academic year. All lectures are free, open to the public, and streamed live online. 

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