UNE’s Srinidi Mohan publishes manuscript in ‘Amino Acids’

Sri Mohan

January 03, 2018

Srinidi Mohan, Ph.D., assistant professor in the University of New England College of Pharmacy, has been published in Amino Acids for his breast cancer research.

Mohan has received a provisional patent for his innovation, which uses a marker in the blood to detect the presence of highly aggressive tumors and to help track cancer growth. Discovered while studying nutritional supplements, Mohan found that the marker Nw-hydroxy-L-Arginine (NOHA) was both a sensitive and reliable indicator for estrogen receptor-negative (ER–) tumors, found in the most aggressive types of breast cancer.

Currently, no reliable blood-based marker exists for estrogen-negative breast tumor prognosis and/or disease monitoring. In his ongoing study, Mohan will focus on developing NOHA as a less-invasive, blood-based indicator for sensitive estrogen-negative breast tumor prognosis in racially distinctive populations. It will be used for early detection, screening and tumor management.

Mohan’s UNE research team includes Class of ’18 pharmacy students Ian Greenstein, Cathy Ng, Kelly Frazier and Giang Nguyen, with technicians Lisa Harding, B.S., and David Barlow, B.E.

Read the manuscript in Amino Acids.


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