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Portland Phoenix reviews Art Gallery's Maine Women Pioneers III - Worldview

Allen-treemuseumelm72The Portland Phoenix on April 4, 2013 reviewed the UNE Art Gallery's current exhibition "Maine Women Pioneers III - Worldview," the third in a four part series.

Reviewer Nicholas Schroeder writes that "the show's great pleasures come from tracking the real-world inquiries leading these artists far from the conventions of form."

"But of all these worldly explorations and several more," Schroeder says, "I was most fixated by the work of Judith Allen-Efstathiou. Through several stark lithographs and drawings on tracing paper, she delivers three harrowing biopsies of tree species whose habitats were decimated by blight: one in Portland, one in the Appalachians, and another in Greece, which she smartly ties to that country's economic crisis and ill-conceived austerity program. The work is simple and sleek, and its import is evenly weighted between the larger topic and the artist's investment in it. If you're going to tarry in the rarefied terrain of visual art, there seems no more ethical way to take on the world."  Read the entire review.

Posted on: 04/11/2013

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