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'Press Herald' story on Saturday's drug take-back event looks at UNE College of Pharmacy's study of wasted prescription drugs

hstewartThe Portland Press Herald on April 26, 2013, published a story on a program of UNE's College of Pharmacy that has been tabulating prescription drugs that are collected during drug take-back events in Maine.

The story explains that "When Mainers turn over thousands of pounds of unwanted prescription drugs on Saturday, a small army of University of New England pharmacy students will be at several of the drop-off locations to count every type of medication to determine which ones are wasted most often."

"If you can look at the percentage of waste, then you start asking why," said Heather Stewart '14, who is earning her doctor of pharmacy degree at UNE. The answers, she said, could lead to medical practices that reduce waste and save money.

The story discusses that the UNE study, however, could be in jeopardy because of a loss of funding and a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration rule that is under consideration. Read the entire story.

Posted on: 04/26/2013

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