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Seacoastonline covers rehabilitation of much publicized seal pup at UNE's Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center

bighunkSeacoastonline did a follow-up feature on the rehabilitation of a seal pup was separated from its mother by a beachgoer last month in Rye, N.H. The seal, named Big Hunk, has been putting on weight and learning to fish during its stay UNE's Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center.

The pup received a lot of attention from area media because officials say that seal pups should not be disturbed on beaches, except by experts who can tell if the pups are injured or just resting.

Asheley Simpson, a senior animal care technician at UNE, worked with Big Hunk extensively when the quiet and thin seal pup first arrived. She said she started him on fluids to get him rehydrated, first using an IV and later tubes. He then moved on to the university's seal pup formula, which is admittedly "nothing compared to mom's milk," she said.

The story notes that Big Hunk is staying in a room with several other seal pups and an in-ground pool, and the staff will slowly begin to limit their interactions with him to get him more acclimated to life in the wild. Once he shows signs of independence and good eating habits, a decision will be made on whether to set him free, Simpson said.  Read the story.

Posted on: 06/24/2013

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