Allison C Morrill

I am a seasoned investigator with a Ph.D. in Psychology and over 25 years of experience designing and evaluating health-promoting interventions – especially media-based interventions – for health providers and consumers.  I have a particular interest in women’s health, in particular sexual health, relationship dynamics, and intimate partner violence – and the connections among those.  My special methodological expertise is multi-method studies that combine qualitative and quantitative data, often from multi-level sources.  <!--break-->I am proficient in all aspects of research: designing research studies and instruments, implementing them, analyzing data, interpreting and writing up the results.  I have secured numerous grants funded by NIH and by State Departments of Public Health, and serve on an NIH peer review committee.  



Boston College



University of Maine School of Law



Evaluation Research

Program Evaluation Design

Health promotion intervention

Human subjects

Data analysis

grant writing

HIV prevention

Obesity prevention

Child custody

Violence against women

Intimate partner violence


Preterm infants

HIV testing

End-of-life planning


Current Research

                       Title   Evaluation of Healthy Maine Partnerships Initiative 

Role  Project Manager/now PI

Funding Source   Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC)                                         

Duration  2011 – 2015

Description   Evaluation of the Healthy Maine Partnerships (HMP) Initiative – a statewide collaborative effort among 28 local coalitions, the Maine CDC, the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, and the Department of Education to promote healthier policies and environments.  The five-year evaluation plan is designed to measure the impact of tobacco and obesity prevention efforts and provide feedback for continuous quality improvement.


                       Title   Evaluation of Building Caring Connections in Maine

Role  PI

Funding Source   Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention                                                              

Duration  2014 – 2016

Description   Evaluation of a project of the Maine Suicide Prevention Program to enhance the capacity of persons and organizations serving youth to identify, assess, refer and follow up with youth at risk of suicide.

Research Interests

Research and Evaluation Skills

Interventions                 - Design and produce award-winning media-based health promotion interventions.

Evaluation Research       - Design and conduct program evaluations using multiple methods, from rigorous clinical trials to ethnographic/documentary methods to observed structured clinical encounters.

Human Subjects             - Experienced IRB member and consultant.  Prepare applications for IRB review.

Data Collection              - Develop and administer surveys, interviews, focus groups, OSCEs. 

Data Analysis                 - Analyze data using SPSS or SAS, and can readily learn new software.

Writing and Editing       - Describe and interpret results for reports and publications. Edit manuscripts, dissertations.

Grant Writing                – Generated over $7.5 million in federal grants and state contracts.

Grant Reviewing            - Review grant applications for National Institutes of Health.

Subject-Matter Expertise

  • Protection of Human Subjects
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Public Health
  • Obesity
  • Preterm Birth and Infancy
  • Violence against Women
  • Child Custody, Protection
  • Prison Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Participation in Clinical Trials

Policies Addressed

  • Legal approaches to the obesity epidemic
  • End-of-life planning
  • Preventing recurrence of premature birth
  • Re-integration of prisoners living with HIV
  • HIV testing, rapid testing, and partner notification
  • Domestic violence and child custody/visitation laws


Selected Publications


Morrill AC, McElaney L, Peixotto B, VanVleet M, Sege R. (in press). Evaluation of All Babies Cry, a second generation universal abusive head trauma prevention program. Journal of Community Psychology.


Cooper L, Morrill A, Russell R, Gooding J, Miller L, Berns S. (2014).  Close to meSM: Enhancing kangaroo care practice for NICU staff and parents.  Advances in Neonatal Care, 14(6), 410-423.


Moreno C, Morrill AC, El-Bassel N. (2011). Sexual risk factors for HIV and violence among Puerto Rican women in New York City. Health & Social Work, 36(2), 87-97. (Link


Mejia R, Jenkins R, Carey J, Amaro H, Morrill A, Krech L, Logan J, Cranston K. (2008). Longitudinal observation of an HIV prevention community planning group (CPG). Health Promotion Practice. (Link).


Moreno C, El-Bassel N, Morrill AC. (2007). Heterosexual women of color and HIV risk: Sexual risk factors for HIV among Latina and African American women. Women & Health: a Multidisciplinary Journal of Women’s Health Issues, 45(3), 1-15. (Link)


Morrill AC, Noland C.  (2006).  Interpersonal issues surrounding HIV counseling and testing, and the phenomenon of “testing by proxy.”  Journal of Health Communication, 11(2), 183. (Link


Morrill AC, Dai J, Dunn S, Sung I, Smith K. (2005). Child custody and visitation decisions when the father has perpetrated violence against the mother.  Violence Against Women, 11(8),1076-1107. (Link


Amaro H, Morrill AC, Dai J, Cabral H, Raj A. (2005).  Heterosexual behavioral maintenance and change following HIV counseling and testing.  Journal of Health Psychology, 10, 287-300.  (Link


Morrill AC, Amaro H, Blake SM, Cranston K, Averbach A, Logan J, Dai J, Krech L, Dunn S.  (2005).  HIV pre­vention community planning: Enhancing data-informed decision-making.  AIDS and Behavior, 9 Supp 2, S55-70. (Link)  


Morrill AC, Chinn C.  (2004).  The obesity epidemic in the United States.  Public Health Policy - Public Health Advocacy Institute Special Section on Legal Approaches to the Obesity Epidemic, 25(3/4), 10-23.(Link


Ickovics JR, Beren SE, Grigorenko EL, Morrill AC, Druley JA, Rodin J. (2002).  Pathways of risk: Race, social class, stress, and coping as factors predicting heterosexual risk behaviors for HIV among women.  AIDS and Behavior, 6 (4): 339-350. (Link)  


Calderón-Rosado V, Morrill AC, Chang BH & Tennstedt S. (2002).  Service utilization among disabled Puerto Rican elders and their caregivers: Does acculturation play a role?  Journal of Aging and Health, 14, 3-23. (Link to Abstract


Morrill AC, Kasten L, Urato M, Larson MJ. (2001).  Abuse, addiction and depression as pathways to sexual risk in women and men with a history of substance abuse.  Journal of Substance Abuse, 13, 169-184. (Link


Ickovics JR, Druley JA, Morrill AC, Grigorenko E. (1998). “A grief observed”: The experience of HIV-related illness and death in a clinic-based sample in New Haven, CT.  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 66(6), 958-966.  (Link


Ickovics JR, Druley JA, Grigorenko EL, Morrill AC, Beren SE, Rodin J. (1998).  Long-term effects of HIV counseling and testing for women: Behavioral and psychological consequences are limited at 18 months posttest.  Health Psychology, 17(5), 395-402.  (Link


Morrill AC, Mastroieni E, Leibel SR. (1998).  Behavioral harm reduction programs for incarcerated women:  Theory and practice.  Journal of Correctional Health Care, 5(2), 225-237.  (Link)


Ickovics Jr, Morrill AC, Meisler AW, Rodin J, Bromberger J, Matthews K. (1996).  Employment and coronary risk in women at midlife: A longitudinal analysis.  American Journal Of Epidemiology, 143, 144-150.  (Link to abstract


Morrill AC, Ickovics JR, Golubchikov VV, Beren SE, Rodin J. (1996).  Safer sex: Social and psychological predictors of behavioral maintenance and change among heterosexual women.  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 64(4), 819-828.  (Link


Ickovics JR, Morrill AC, Beren SE, Walsh UA, Rodin J. (1994).  Limited effects of HIV testing for women: A prospective study of behavioral and psychological consequences.  Journal of American Medical Association, 272, 443-448.  (Link


Hartley D, Ridenour M, Craine J, Morrill A (2014). Workplace violence prevention for nurses on-line course: Program development. Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation, 10.3233/WOR-141891. Link.

Other Scholarly Activity

Grant Reviewer

NIH SBIR Behavioral & Biobehavioral Processes (BBBP-V10) Review Section, 2012 - present

NIH AIDS & AIDS-Related Research (AARR8) Review Section, 1997-2001

State of California, Social & Behavioral AIDS-Related Research, 2000

Institutional Review Board for Protection of Human Subjects

University of New England, 2006 – present

New England Research Institutes, Inc., 2000 – 2002

Journal Reviewer

American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Public Health Policy, AIDS and Behavior, AIDS Care, Violence against Women, Crime and Justice Research, Sex Roles.


Freddie award (1999) International Health & Medical Film Competition.  Talk About Testing first place in HIV/AIDS category.  In Good Hands was a Finalist.

Telly Award finalist (2003) for To Your Health - New Ways to Eat Well

Funded Grants

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Evaluation of Building Caring Connections in Maine (Suicide Prevention Program) 2014 – 2016

- Project Director (2014 – present)

Evaluation of Healthy Maine Partnerships Initiative                                                2011 – 2015

- Project Manager (2012 – 2014); Project Director (2014 – present)

March of Dimes

Evaluating Prematurity Recurrence Prevention Intervention                                              2012

- Lead Evaluation Consultant

Used a combination of methods – in-house content review, key informant interviews, nation-wide on-line survey of NICU Family Support® Specialists, and direct observation to assess content and implementation fidelity of an educational session for NICU parents, intended to reduce the recurrence of preterm birth.

Evaluating Effectiveness of “Close to Me” in Changing Practice                              2010 – 2012

- Lead Evaluation Consultant

Evaluated the effectiveness of March of Dimes’ “Close to Me” intervention to increase the early, frequent and extended use of “kangaroo” (skin-to-skin) care of preterm newborns while in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

National Institute of Mental Health

Parent Management Training for Child Conduct Disorder:                                                       

      An e-Course for Clinicians                                   Phase I (score, new system 18):  2010 – 2011

- Co-Principal Investigator

Develop a prototype media-based version of a training program for clinicians serving families with a child having conduct disorder.

National Institute on Child Health and Human Development

All Babies Cry: Shaken Baby Syndrome Parent Education Toolkit  Phase I&II (score 166): 2009 – 2011

- Co-Principal Investigator

Develop, produce and evaluate “All Babies Cry,” an educational media package for parents of newborns.

Childhood After Preterm Birth: The First Three Years             Phase I (score 175): 2007 – 2008

- Evaluator  (PI: Lisa McElaney)

Evaluate two media-based educational programs, one for parents of children born preterm, and one for early intervention specialists, on the developmental needs of children born preterm during their first three years.

Youth Violence Prevention Training for Health Professionals   Phase I (score 139):  2007 – 2008                                                                                                                                            

-  Evaluator  (PI: Lisa McElaney)                                                                                                 

Evaluate a web-based multi-media training and supplementary learning resources for pediatric providers to address core competencies developed by Academic Centers of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention.

After School Gets Moving

- Co-Principal Investigator                                                            Phase II (score 197): 2009-2011

- Evaluator  (PI: Lisa McElaney)                                                                   Phase I:  2006 – 2007

Evaluate a media-based educational program to help staff in urban after school programs incorporate more physical activity for children age 8-10.

National Institute of Environmental Health Science

Managing Environmental Risks in Pregnancy                          Phase II (score 186):  2008 – 2010

-Evaluator  (PI: Lisa McElaney)                                                   Phase I (score 182):  2006 – 2007

Evaluate two media-based educational programs, one for prenatal providers, and one for pregnant women, on how to protect a fetus from environmental hazards.

National Institute on Occupational Safety and Health

Workplace Violence Training for Nurses                                  Phase II (score 156): 2009 - 2011

- Evaluator  (PI: Lisa McElaney)                                                  Phase I (score 150):  2007 – 2008

Evaluate web-based training and train-the-trainer package to help nurses learn more about, and cope with, workplace violence

Massachusetts Department of Public Health, HIV/AIDS Bureau

The L.I.F.E. ProgramÒ                                                                                             2007 – 2008

- Evaluator                                                                                                                                  

Evaluate the effectiveness of the Learning Immune Function Enhancement program - a group-level, multi-session psycho-educational intervention - in prison and jail settings in Massachusetts.  Outcomes are HIV health-related knowledge and skills, risk behaviors associated with and rate of HIV transmission from inmates to partners, engagement and retention in medical care, prevention and other supportive services in the community following release.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (via Mass. Department of Public Health, HIV/AIDS Bureau)

Evaluation of MA Partner Counseling and Referral Pilot Program                        Phase II:  2007

- Evaluator                                                                                                              Phase I:  2006

Design and conduct a multi-method evaluation of a second 6-site pilot project to identify, locate, and notify sex and drug-sharing partners of clients living with HIV of their exposure to HIV.

Results will be used to inform state-wide expansion of Partner Counseling and Referral Services.

Evaluation of MA Rapid HIV Testing Program (          2005

- Evaluator

Designed and conducted a multi-method evaluation of a demonstration project providing rapid HIV testing to clients of hospitals, community health centers and correctional facilities in Massachusetts. Results were used to formulate a state-wide policy on the use of rapid HIV testing.

Evaluation of Transitional Intervention Project                                                                     2004

      (jointly funded by Health Resources and Services Administration) (  

- Evaluator

Designed and conducted a multi-method evaluation of a demonstration project that provides intensive case management services for incarcerated persons living with HIV as they transition back into the community.  Products include a manuscript, documentary exhibit, booklet and a Web site.

Intervention to Increase Use of Data in the Decision-Making of the                          1999 – 2003

      Massachusetts HIV Prevention Planning Group (

- Evaluator  (PI: Hortensia Amaro)

Directed a multi-method study of decision-making by the Massachusetts HIV Prevention Planning Group.  Utilized archival review, formative interviews, structured observation, and survey methods.  Evaluated structural/capacity-building interventions by MDPH to enhance the group’s use of behavioral data.

National Institute on Aging

Food for Life: Healthy Meals Elders Can Live With                      $750,000 Phase II: 2001 – 2004

      (                                                          $100,000  Phase I: 2000

- Principal Investigator                                                                                                                 

      Designed, produced and evaluated a workshop, video and booklet for older adults to promote healthier meals.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Entre Familia Expansion Project                                                                                 2000 – 2003

- Evaluator  (PI: Hortensia Amaro)

      Evaluated the effectiveness of new services - (a) “Step Up” job preparation services, and (b) services for pregnant and newly post-partum clients - at Entre Familia, a 12-month residential substance abuse treatment program for Latina women and their children.

National Institute of Justice

Child Custody and Visitation When the Father Batters the Mother             $250,000  2000 – 2003


- Principal Investigator 

Evaluated the effectiveness of two provisions of the Model Code on Domestic Violence in protecting battered women and children in contested child custody/visitation cases in six states.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

Enhancing HIV Counseling and Testing for Women                    $750,000  Phase II:  1998 – 2001

      (                                         $100,000  Phase I:  1996 - 1996

- Principal Investigator

      Designed, produced and evaluated the effectiveness of a video, “Talk About Testing,” for women who test for HIV and their male partners.  Its goal is to increase partner testing and safer sex.

Health Care Advance Directives for People Living with HIV       $750,000  Phase II:  1998 – 2001

      (                                               $100,000  Phase I :  1996 - 1997

- Principal Investigator                                                                                                               

      Designed, produced and evaluated the effectiveness of a video package, “In Good Hands,” for people living with HIV.  The goal is for users to execute a health care advance directive. 

      Created a related web site at  

National Cancer Institute

Buddy Program for Breast Cancer Clinical Trials                                      $100,000  1995 - 2000


- Principal Investigator

Developed and tested a pilot intervention that pairs candidates for breast cancer clinical trials with a “buddy” who has been in a similar trial, to help the candidate through the decision-making process.

Screening Older Minority Women: Trans-Generational Recruitment        $911,000  1996 – 1999

- Co-Investigator  (PI: Sarah McGraw)

Designed a lay intervention where middle-aged women encourage older minority women to screen for breast and cervical cancer, and evaluated its effectiveness.

Breast Cancer in Younger Women                                                                             1994 - 1996

- Project Director  (PI: Nancy Avis)

Designed, produced and evaluated a video, “Four Stories,” for women under age 50 who were recently diagnosed with breast cancer, portraying how four younger survivors coped with partner and family relationships, sexuality and body image.  Created a related Web site.

Videotape to Enhance Breast Cancer Clinical Trials                                                   1994 - 1996


- Project Director  (PI: Nancy Avis)

Directed research to design an award-winning video to enhance enrollment in a breast cancer clinical trials.

American Foundation for AIDS Research

HIV Counseling and Testing for Women                                                                    1991 - 1994

- Project Director  (PI: Jeannette Ickovics)

      Directed a 3-year study of the effectiveness of HIV counseling and testing as a preventive intervention.

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