Clay Graybeal

Dr. Graybeal  most recently served as Director of the School of Community and Population Health at UNE.  Prior to that he was the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the Westbrook College of Health Professions.   In 2012-13 he also served as the Interim Director of the School of Social Work.  His  research and scholarship has focused on evidence-based practice in social work,  interprofessional education in the health professions, and more recently on the role and impact of the patient -provider alliance in improving health and social care outcomes .  He has a particular interest in the exploring the relationship between science, creativity, and personal and organizational change.

In collaboration with Dr. Barry Duncan, he is currently directing an instrument validation study designed to assess the utility of a standardized measure for the alliance between primary care providers and their patients. He also Directs a SAMHSA funded traing grant to integrate SBIRT training into health professions education.  (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral for Treatment.



Rutgers University



Fordham University



Ohio University


Board Certifications and Licenses

Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Maine


Research Interests

Evidence based practice; the arts in social work; alliance measures in health and mental health

Selected Publications



Graybeal, C. (2014).  The art of practicing with evidence. Clinical Social Work Journal, 42(2), pp 116-122.


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Other Scholarly Activity

Interprofessional Education: Developing the Context for Organizational Change, with Karen Pardue, November 20, 2011, Collaborating Across Borders III, Tuscon, AZ

Interprofessional Education: Making it Work, with Curt Cyr and Peter Dane, American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD April 12-15, 2011

Readers Theater: The Use of Arts and Humanities in Promoting Interprofessional Education, with Karen Pardue and Kneka Smith, American Dental Education Association Annual Session, San Diego, CA, March 12-16, 2011

Creativity and Innovation in Interprofessional Shared Learning, with Shelley Cohen Konrad and Cathy Plourde.  IPE Ontario, Toronto, Canada, January 24, 2011

Interprofessional Education: Creating a Context for Collaboration, with Karen Pardue, Annual Meeting, Association for Schools of Allied Health Professions, Charlotte, NC, October 21, 2010

Is Evidence-Based Practice Being Oversold in Social Work Education?, with Allen Rubin, Eileen Gambrill, Craig LeCroy, and Danielle Parrish, Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting, Portland, OR, October 14-17, 2010

Revisioning the next step: A collaborative process for building and promoting an interprofessional education infrastructure for transformative learning, with Shelley Cohen Konrad, Interprofessional Care for the 21st Century: Redefining Education and Practice, Philadelphia, PA, March 13, 2010

Invited Plenary Presentation



Science and Creativity: The Art of Personal and Organizational Change, Annual Meeting, Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine, (CCSME), Augusta, ME, June 27, 2014

Science, Art, and Improvisation, Plenary Address at the “Improvisation for Lasting Change” conference, Orono, ME, August 2, 2007

Clay Graybeal

Clay Graybeal


Ph.D., M.S.W.

Professor of Social Work

Director, SBIRT Training for Maine's Future Health Professions Leaders

Chair, York District Public Health Council

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