Cory R Theberge

Dr. Cory Theberge is a native of Harpswell, Maine and attended Bates College before obtaining an MS degree in Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire.  During his time as a medicinal chemist at Merck and Co.  he completed his Ph.D. through the Merck Doctoral Study Program and continued lab research at Merck until moving back to Maine in 2009.  Dr. Theberge teaches both medicinal chemistry and veterinary pharmacy at the University of New England College of Pharmacy and conducts research in the stability of compounded drug formulations.  He also is interested in small molecule drug research and is exploring the  impact of pharmaceutical products in wastewater on environmental systems.



University of New Hampshire



Bates College



University of New Hampshire



Medicinal chemistry

Veterinary Pharmacy

Drug Stability

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment


Current Research

Stability of Transdermal Amlodipine (0.625mg/0.1mL) for Feline Use

Stability of Gentamicin i.v. Prepared in D5 and NS at 320-400 mg/100mL

Opimization of the Physical Properties of RAD51 Inhibitor Chemotherapeutics

Stability of Metronidazole Benzoate (100mg/mL) Suspension in Tutti-Frutti for Canine Use

Research Interests

Stability of Compounded Drug Products for Veterinary and Human Applications

Companion Animal Veterinary Pharmacy and Pharmacology 

Medicinal Chemistry of RAD51 Genetic Chemotherapeutics

Lamin B Receptor and Cholesterol Biosynthesis

Other Scholarly Activity

Instruct Continuing Education (CE) Courses in Veterinary Pharmacy Subjects

Provide Community-Level Presentations on the Environmental Impact of Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Systems

Cory R Theberge



Assistant Professor

Pharmacy Building

(207) 221-4057