Gary Cattabriga

Mr. Cattabriga has over 25 years experience applying technology to business success. His expertise in Project Management, Data Warehouse and Application Development, and Informatics has delivered solutions ranging from a Medical Claims Data Warehouse, Web-based Claims Analysis application, to automated process control equipment.

Gary received his B.S. in Physics from Cornell University. His positions have included: Software and Hardware Engineer for several engineering firms, President of his own technology consulting company, Director of IT for Fresh Samantha, a leading juice manufacturer, and VP of Technology for ecuCare International, a Healthcare Informatics company. He has personally designed and built database applications, complex process control computer equipment, and data extraction & transformation tools. He has experience in many programming languages, databases and hardware platforms.

Clinical Affiliations



Project management

data quality management and process improvement.<br /><br />Data warehouse design & development

clinical & claims data analysis

business intelligence tools

and website design.<br /><br />Web and client-based application development.

Gary Cattabriga


Director of Analytics

Linnell Hall

(207) 221-4574