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University of New Hampshire


New Hampshire


Life history and population dynamics of sharks


and rays

composition and spatial/temporal distribution of fish communities

physiological responses to stress and how this influences by-catch mortality

environmental adaptations in fish; conservation of fish communities

and trophic interactions between fish species


Current Research

Bycatch mortality of cod and skates; satellite tagging of spiny dogfish; little skate trophic biology; trophic biology of spiny dogfish; life history of the black dogfish; age and growth in the blacknose shark; age and size at maturity in the blacknose shark; movement and habitat use of Atlantic sturgeon in the Saco River; larval fish abundance and distribution in Saco Bay.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the biology and physiology of fish. This research includes aspects of fisheries biology such as reproduction, maturity and age and growth in elasmobranchs (sharks, skates, and stingrays). Recent interests have also included the physiological responses to stress and how this influences by-catch mortality and aquaculture practices in teleosts. The composition, movements, and spatial/temporal distribution of fishes and fish communities within the Saco Bay Estuary system is also of great interest to me.

Selected Publications

Cicia, A. M., W.B. Driggers, G. W. Ingram Jr., J. Kneebone,  P.C.W.Tsang, Koester, D.,  and J.A. Sulikowski.  2009. Age and size at sexual maturity for Little Skate, leucoraja erinacea, in the western Gulf of Maine based on estimates of three parameters. J. Fish Bio. 75, 1648_1666

Wargo, A., C.E. Tilburg, W.B. Driggers, and J.A. Sulikowski. 2009. Observations on the  Distribution of Ichthyoplankton within the Saco River Estuary System.  Northeast Naturalist. 16 (4), 647-654.

Sulikowski, J. A., A.M. Cicia, J.R. Kneebone, L.J. Natanson, and P. C. W.   Tsang. 2009. Age and size at sexual maturity for the smooth skate, Malacoraja senta, in the western Gulf of Maine.     J. Fish Bio. 75 (10), 2832-2838.

Fairchild, E.A., J.A. Sulikowski, N. Rennels,  W.H. Howell, and P.C.W Tsang. 2009. Effects of moving acclimation cages before release of cultured fish: alternate release strategies for a juvenile winter flounder Pseudopleuronectes americanus stock enhancement effort. Aqua. Res., 1-5. 

Fairchild, E.A., J.A. Sulikowski, N. Rennels, W.H. Howell, and C.W.D. Gurshin.  2008. Distribution of winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, in the Hampton-Seabrook Estuary, New Hampshire: observations from a summer field study. Estuaries Coasts, 31 (6)1158-1173. 

Sulikowski, J.A., W.B. Driggers, W. Ingram, J. Kneebone, D.E Ferguson, and P.C.W. Tsang. 2007. Profiling plasma steroid hormones: a non-lethal approach for the study of skate reproductive biology and its potential use in conservation management. Environ. Bio. Fish. 80:285-292 

Sulikowski JA, Kneebone J, Elzey S, Howell WH, Tsang PCW (2006) Using the composite parameters of reproductive morphology, histology and steroid hormones to determine age and size at sexual maturity for the thorny skate, Amblyraja radiata, in the western Gulf of Maine, J Fish Bio 69: 1449-1465. 

Sulikowski JA, Fairchild EA, Rennels N, Howell WH (2005) The effects of tagging and transport stress on juvenile winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus; Implications for successful stock enhancement, J World Aqua Soc 36: 148-156. 

Sulikowski JA, Howell WH (2003) Ionic and hematological changes in the summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) associated with their movement from a recirculating system hatchery to an ocean net pen, J World Aqua Soc 34(3): 387-397.

Other Scholarly Activity

Sulikowski, J.A., L. J. Williams, and M. L. Domeier. 2010. The potential use of non lethal techniques to assess the reproductive biology  of the white shark, Carcharodon carcharias. Int. White Shark Symp., Honolulu Hawaii. 

Sulikowski, J .A., A.M. Cicia, W.B. Driggers, J. Hendon, L. J. Williams, and E.R. Hoffmayer. 2009. Size and Age Estimates at Sexual Maturity for the blacknose shark, Carcharhinus acronotus, from the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Ann. Mtg. Am. Soc. Ichty. and Herp. Portland, Or.

Williams, L.J. and J.A. Sulikowski. 2009. The use of steroid hormone concentrations to determine individual variability in the reproductive cyclicity of the little skate, Leucoraja erinacea, in the western Gulf of Maine. Ann. Mtg. Am. Soc. Ichty, and Herp. Portland, OR.

Cicia, A.M., W.B. Driggers, J. Hendon, E.R. Hoffmayer, and J.A. Sulikowski. 2009. Investigating the physiological effects of environmental salinity on the distribution of adult female Atlantic sharpnose sharks, Rhizopriondon terraenovae, in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Ann. Mtg. Am. Soc. Ichty. and Herp. Portland, Or.

Palm. B.D., D. Koester, and J.A. Sulikowski.  2009. Seasonal variation in fecundity, egg case viability, gestation, and neonate size for littleskates, Leucoraja erinacea, in 
the Gulf of Maine. Ann. Mtg. Am. Soc. Ichty. and Herp. Portland, Or.

Funded Grants

Connectivity and demographic correspondence among sturgeon stocks in Maine (and Beyond). Funding source: NOAA Section 6 in the amount of $1,319,479. UNE portion is $473,704. Co-PIÕs: Gail S. Wippelhauser, Maine DMR; Michael T. Kinnison and Gayle B. Zydlewski, UMaine Orono. 2010-2013.

Temporal aspects of habitat utilization and interspecies competition: defining the ecological impacts of spiny dogfish in structuring the ecosystem dynamics of southern New England. Funding source: Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation in the amount of $194,000. 2010-2012.

Dismissing Dogma: The Use of Satellite Tags to Examine the Behavior of Spiny Dogfish (Squalus acanthias) in Relation to Habitat Use, Depth Preferences and Movement Patterns in the Northwest Atlantic. Funding source: NOAA S & K in the amount of $237,000. 2009-2012.

The Immediate and Short-Term Post-Release Mortality of Species in the Northwest Atlantic Skate Complex Captured by Gillnet and Otter-Trawl. Co-PI: John Mandelman. Funding source: NOAA S & K in the amount of $247,000. 2008-2011.

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