Jane Clifford O'Brien



University of New England



Boston University


Advanced Standing

University of Salzburg


University of Maine Orono



University of South Carolina


Board Certifications and Licenses

Occupational Therapist Registered

Maine Occupational Therapist Licensed

Clinical Affiliations



Pediatric occupational therapy theory and intervention; motor control; Model of Human Occupation in practice


Current Research

Teaching Effectiveness: Preparing Occupational Therapy Students for Clinical Practice; Child Occupational Self-Assessment (COSA)to better understand children

Research Interests

motor control and motor learning as applied to occupational therapy practice; clinical reasoning; clinical competency;

Selected Publications

Kramer, J., Walker, R., Cohn, E., Mermelstein, M., Olsen, S., OÕBrien, J., Bowyer, P. (2012). Striving for shared understandings: therapistsÕ perspectives of the benefits and dilemmas of using a child self-assessment. OTJR: Occupation, Participation & Health 32, Supplement: S48 _ S58. ISSN: 1539-4492

OÕBrien, J., Asselin, L., Fortier, K., Janzegers, R., Lagueux, B., & Silcox, C. (2010). Using therapeutic reasoning to apply the Model of Human Occupation in pediatric occupational therapy practice. Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools & Early Intervention, 3, 348 _ 365.

Taylor, R., OÕBrien, J., Kielhfoner, G., Lee, S., Katz, B., & Mears, C. (2010). The occupational and quality of life consequences of chronic fatigue syndrome in adolescents. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 73 (11), 524 _5.

Lewin, J. & OÕBrien, J. (Februray 2010). Translating motor control theory into functional application to early intervention, UTS, Training Times, 6, 4 _ 15.

Kramer, J., Bowyer, P., Kielhofner, G., OÕBrien, J., & Maziero-Barbosa, V. (2009). Examining rater behavior on a revised version of the Short Child Occupational Profile (SCOPE). Occupational Therapy Journal of Research,29 (2) 88 _ 96.

Kramer, J.,  Bowyer, P., OÕBrien, J., Kielhofner, G., & Maziero-Barbosa, V. (2009). How interdisciplinary pediatric practitioners choose assessments. Canadian Occupational Therapy Journal, 76, 56 _ 64.

OÕBrien, J., Bergeron, A., Duprey, H., Olver, C., & St. Onge, H. (2009).Children with disabilities and their parentsÕ views of occupational participation needs. Occupational Therapy in Health Care, 25,  1- 17.

OÕBrien, J. & Lewin, J. (January 19, 2009). Part II; Translating motor control and motor learning principles

Other Scholarly Activity

OÕBrien, J. & Solomon, J., (November, 2012). Occupational Analysis & Group Process. St. Louis: Elsevier.

OÕBrien, J., & Hussey, S. (2012). Introduction to Occupational Therapy (4th ed.). St. Louis: Elsevier.

Solomon, J. & OÕBrien, J.

Jane O'Brien

Jane Clifford O'Brien



Associate Professor, Program Director

Proctor Hall


(207) 221-4107