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~~Of all the things I have done in public health, teaching is one of the more exciting opportunities for me. 

I was born and raised in central Massachusetts.  My desire was to be a doctor but after failing organic chemistry, I had to find a different path.  Knowing that I had a passion for health, I switched my major to health policy and management and found my niche.  After graduating from Providence College, I became a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Niger with a focus on maternal and child health.  In a small African village, I experienced the impact public health can make in improving lives.  Upon returning to the United States, I moved to Maine and began working for the Maine Bureau of Health (now called Maine CDC).  During the thirteen years that I was employed by the state, I worked with the Maine Immunization Program, the HIV/STD Program, Infectious Disease Epidemiology and the Office of Local Public Health.  For most of that time I worked in infectious disease epidemiology- vaccine preventable diseases, STDs, foodborne, and vectorborne. I took a two year hiatus from state government and worked for the Maine Health Information Center (now called OnPoint) conducting healthcare data research.  I received my MPH from Emory University with a certificate in Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology.  At one point I was an organic farmer! Currently I am a faculty member with UNE's School of Community and Population Health as well as consultant on various projects in Maine and internationally. I live in Liberty- a small, rural community in Midcoast Maine with my 3 children where we enjoy being outside.


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Selected Publications


Assessing prentatal STD rates in Maine. Jennifer Gunderman-King, BS1, Steven J. Shapiro, BS1, and Paul Kuehnert, MS, RN2. (1) Division of Disease Control, Maine Bureau of Health, State House Station 11, 157 Capitol Street, Augusta, ME 04333, (207) 287-3600,, (2) Director, Division of Disease Control, State of Maine, State House Station 11, Augusta, ME 04333-0011


Outbreak of multidrug-resistant Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium Definitive Type 104 infection linked to commercial ground beef, northeastern United States, 2003-2004. Amy M Dechet, Elaine Scallan, Kathleen Gensheimer, Robert Hoekstra, Jennifer Gunderman-King, Jana Lockett, Donna Wrigley, Wairimu Chege, Jeremy Sobel, Clin. Infect. Dis.Clin Infect Dis 2006 Mar 6;42(6):747-52. Epub 2006 Feb 6.





Importance of catch-up vaccination: experience from a varicella outbreak, Maine, 2002-2003. Mona Marin, Huong Q Nguyen, Julie Keen, Aisha O Jumaan, Patricia M Mellen, Edward B Hayes, Kathleen F Gensheimer, Jennifer Gunderman-King, Jane F Seward. PediatricsPediatrics 2005 Apr;115(4):900-5

Other Scholarly Activity

2013  Haiti HIV/AIDS Epidemiological Profile

2014-2015 Knox County Community Health Needs Assessment

2014-2015 Lincoln County Community Health Needs Assessment

Jennifer Gunderman

Jennifer Gunderman-King


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