Jonathan Santos

Jonathan comes to UNE with over two decades of combined software development and graphic design experience. Prior to joining the UNE Communications team, Jonathan's love for design and technology led to his involvement in diverse range of interesting and high-profile projects, including conceiving and prototyping a foot-scanner kiosk for Nike, designing DVD user menus for Paramount Pictures, creating the first software developer intranet for the U.S. Social Security Administration and, most recently, acting as the lead designer/developer at the University of Arizona College of Engineering.
Jonathan studied at the University of Maryland, after which he was hired as research physicist by the Naval Research Lab in Washington, D.C. It was there that he discovered his passion for software development, graphic design, and inventing toys and gadgets—a passion that has only increased in the ensuing years. When he is not enjoying time with his wife and son, or head-down doing web-development on his laptop, you can find him tinkering in his workshop.


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Jonathan Santos

Jonathan Santos


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