Kathryn Marie Loukas


Community based practice in natural environments

occupational therapy with adolescents and youth in transition

school based occupational therapy practice

the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

development of hand function and handwriting skills with children

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) with adolescents

The Intentional Relationship in occupational therapy



Current Research

Occupational therapy with adolescents in school-based practice: An inquiry of emergent roles, philosophy, and practice

Occupational therapy practice facilitates the occupational domains and life roles of individuals.

Adolescents with disabilities present with complex occupational, psychosocial, sexual, prevocational, and life skills needs as they transition into young adulthood.

School-based practice has traditionally utilized sensory-motor based frames of reference to enhance school-based performance components for children with special needs. However, the literature indicates that even with improved policy for transition planning for adolescents with disabilities, occupational therapists are not fully involved during this pivotal time. Through mixed methodology, this study will examine the roles, philosophy, and current practice of occupational therapists working with adolescents in the school-based setting.

Understanding practice is the first step toward facilitation of a paradigm shift to a holistic approach with adolescent clients.

Research Interests

Occupational therapy with adolescent youth (current doctoral research); children's handwriting in school-based practice; the use of inclusive techniques in occupational therapy practice.

Selected Publications

The Evolution of Language and Perception of Disability in Occupational Therapy (in press). The Education Special Interest Section Newsletter. American Occupational Therapy Association. Loukas, K.M. and Cote T.L. (2005).

Sports as Occupation; A sports camp experience for children who are blind or have visual impairment. OT practice, March 2005. The American Occupational Therapy Association. Loukas, K.M. and Moyers P.A. (2001).  

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Emerging models of Innovative Community Based Occupational Practice; The Vision Continues. OT Practice, July 3. The American Occupational Therapy Association.

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