Ronald D Hills Jr

Dr. Ron Hills joined the UNE College of Pharmacy as Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in July of 2010. Before joining UNE, Dr. Hills was a National Institutes of Health Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Utah and the University of Chicago, where he trained in the theory and methodology of multiscale biomolecular modeling. As a postdoctoral fellow, he developed a novel force field for dynamics simulation of proteins at coarse-grained resolution. Prior to his postdoctoral training, Dr. Hills earned his Ph.D. from the Scripps Research Institute as a Burroughs Wellcome Fund predoctoral fellow. His thesis research involved using atomistic and coarse-grained simulation to advance our understanding of the relationship between protein folding, aggregation and function. Dr. Hills obtained his B.S. degree from Florida State University, where his interest in biophysics first developed while performing research as a Goldwater Scholar in EPR spectroscopy and electronic structure calculation.



The Scripps Research Institute


B.S., Summa Cum Laude

Florida State University


Post-Doctoral Training

NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Utah and University of Chicago

Salt Lake City


Clinical Affiliations



molecular dynamics simulation

protein structure and function

multiscale modeling


Research Interests

  • Development of multiscale and coarse-grained models for protein assemblies
  • Lipid-protein membrane interactions and protein conformational change
  • Multidrug resistance mediated by ABC transporters

Selected Publications

Hills Jr., R.D. 2014. Balancing bond, nonbond and Go-like terms in coarse grain simulations of conformational dynamics. Methods Mol. Biol. 1084:123-40.

Faller, C.E., K.A. Reilly, R.D. Hills Jr. and O. Guvench. 2013. Peptide backbone sampling convergence with the adaptive biasing force algorithm. J. Phys. Chem. B 117:518-26.

Ward, A.B., O. Guvench and R.D. Hills Jr. 2012. Coarse grain lipid-protein molecular interactions and diffusion with MsbA flippase. Proteins 80:2178-90.

Jamison II, F.W., T.J. Foster, J.A. Barker, R.D. Hills Jr. and O. Guvench. 2011. Mechanism of binding site conformational switching in the CD44-hyaluronan protein-carbohydrate binding interaction. J. Mol. Biol. 406:631-47.

Hills Jr., R.D., L. Lu and G.A. Voth. 2010. Multiscale coarse-graining of the protein energy landscape. PLoS Comput. Biol. 6:e1000827.

Funded Grants

NIH R15 AREA GM099022           Guvench (PI)                    07/01/11 – 06/30/14
Molecular Mechanism of Flexible Carbohydrate-Protein Interaction in CD44
Goal: Identify molecular-level interactions governing flexible CD44:hyaluronan binding using computer simulations.
Role: Co-Investigator

Ronald D Hills Jr



Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry


Pharmacy Building

(207) 221-4049

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