Sébastien Sannajust

I graduated from UNE with a B.S. in Medical Biology and a minor in Business Administration in 2016. I started my research with Dr. Tamara King in the Fall of 2013. In the Winter of 2015, I worked as a technician and currently as a laboratory manager. I have been interested in chronic pain states from observing patients in dental clinics suffering from orofacial disorders. My interest lies in dentistry where in the lab I spearheaded a characterization model of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis. I have presented my data at numerous local, regional, and national conferences - including Society for Neuroscience and Maine Osteopathic Association. I currently manage eight undergraduates and oversee three medical students with their corresponding research projects ranging from cancer-induced bone pain, osteoarthritis joint pain, and nerve-injury induced pain. Outside my work, I am an active advocate for chronic pain patients, by leading discussions and events for the PEAC, where I can educate and bring awareness to the community.


Bachelor of Science

University of New England



Research program on mechanisms underlying chronic pain

Advocacy and policy practice


Research Interests

Research interests center around mechanistic analysis of pain

Research Topics

Sebastien Sannajust

Sébastien Sannajust



Laboratory Manager & Senior Technician

Pain Education & Advocacy Collaborative Ambassador

Biddeford Campus

Stella Maris


(207) 602-2676

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