Victoria Priganc



University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee


University of Vermont


Nova Southeastern University

Board Certifications and Licenses

Occupational Therapist Licensed, State of Vermont

Certified Hand Therapist, Hand Therapy Certification Commission

Occupational Therapist Registered, National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy

Clinical Affiliations



Hand rehabilitation

evidence-based practice



grant writing and management


Selected Publications

Priganc, V. (2012). Basic Science: The Building Blocks to Clinical Practice [Special Issue]. The Journal of Hand Therapy, 25(2).

McKee, P., Hannah, S., & Priganc, V. (2012). Orthotic Considerations for Dense Connective Tissue and Articular Cartilage- The Need for Optimal Movement and Stress. The Journal of Hand Therapy, 25(2), 233-243

Priganc, V.,& Stralka, S. (2011). Graded Motor Imagery. The Journal of Hand Therapy, 24(2), 164-168.

Artzberger, S., & Priganc, V. (2011). Manual Edema Mobilization: An Edema Reduction Technique for the Orthopedic Patient. In T. Skirven, A.L. Osterman, J. Fedorcyzk, & P. Amadio (Eds.), Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 6th ed. (pp. 868-881). Philadelphia, PA: Mosby.

Priganc, V., Vranceanu, A., & Ring, D. (2010). Less Common but Important Conditions: Factitous Disorders, Malingering and Disproprtionate Pain and Disability. In R. Bindra & T. Brininger (Eds.), Advanced Concepts of Hand Pathology and Surgery: Application to Hand Therapy Practice (pp. 359-366). Rosemont, IL: American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

Priganc, V., & Ito, M. (2008). Changes in Edema, Pain, or Range of Motion Following Manual Edema Mobilization: A Single-Case Design Study. The Journal of Hand Therapy, 21(4), 326-335.

Priganc, V., & Henry, S. (2003). The Relationship Among Five Common Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tests and the Severity of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Journal of Hand Therapy, 16(3), 225-236.

Victoria Priganc



Adjunct Faculty

Proctor Hall

(207) 221-4100