William Ridgeway Harrison (Lliam Harrison)

 William R. ("Lliam") Harrison trained as a medical anthropologist at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona and studied law at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.  He has published results of his research on cross-cultural issues in medicine, bio-political aspects of disease, and paleomycology (the study of fungal diseases in ancient human populations).  This last line of research was reviewed by Science.  Lliam has experience in conducting research involving human subjects, animal models and biohazardous materials.  Lliam's interests relating to public health include health-care decision making and medical change, cross-cultural issues in medicine, infectious diseases, biopolitical aspects of health, bioethics, and law and regulatory practice.

Lliam has been involved in research compliance and research integrity matters since 2000, when he was invited to serve on the Arizona State University human subject protections board (the IRB).  After moving to Maine in 2005, Lliam served as the Director of Research Compliance at the University of Southern Maine from 2006-2010.  Among other accomplishments during his tenure at USM, he spearheaded the development of the Maine IRB Symposium.  In addition to his role with the UNE IRB and IACUC, he currently serves as a community member and prisoner representative for the IRB at St. Joseph's College of Maine.  Lliam is a partner in Dyer & Harrison PA, a law firm in Widham, and is also the founder and president of Portable Ethics, Inc., a research and research integrity consulting firm.



Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University


MA, Medical Anthropology

University of Arizona


BA, Honors, Anthropology

Arizona State University


Board Certifications and Licenses

United States Supreme Court

United States Court of Appeals, Ninth and First Circuits

United States District Court, Arizona & Maine

State Bars of Arizona, Massachusetts & Maine


Research regulation and the ethical conduct of research

research integrity and research compliance. Conflict management and dispute resolution. Medical anthropology

including informed consent

medical change and conflict

cross-cultural issues in medic

Professional Regulation/Regulatory Law


Law and Ethics


Research Interests

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Ethical Decision Making

Selected Publications

Harrison, W. R. (1996) Dangerous Dirt:  Paleopathology of Valley Fever and the Biopolitics of Race. In M. Inhorn and P. Brown (Eds.), The Anthropology of Infectious Diseases:  An International Perspective (pp. 71-95).  New York: Gordon and Breach Scientific Publishers.

Harrison, W. R. (1992) Cross Cultural Medicine.  In R.M. Berkow, (Ed.) The Merck Manual 16th Edition (pp. 2593-2596). Rahway, New Jersey:  Merck Sharpe & Dhome.  2593-2596.

Harrison, W. R., Merbs, C. F., & Leathers, C. R. (1991) Coccidioidomycosis in an ancient Arizona Indian.  Journal of Infectious Diseases, 164(2):436-437.

Lliam Harrison

William Ridgeway Harrison (Lliam Harrison)



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