Mission & Vision

Three U N E pharmacy students in white coats put used syringes in a sharps containerThe mission of the College is to provide an outstanding environment for the teaching-learning-discovery paradigm to effectively deliver a contemporary pharmacy and post-graduate curriculum designed to graduate competent practitioners, residents, fellows and scientists for the state of Maine and the nation. The College will establish and maintain an active and productive scholarly enterprise for the discovery of new knowledge and methodologies in our laboratories, in our patient care settings, and in our educational programs. The College will also cultivate and nurture in its students, faculty and staff the value and need for a commitment to life-long learning, community service and social responsibility.


The College of Pharmacy will be recognized nationally for the ability of its Doctor of Pharmacy graduates to provide contemporary, compassionate, interprofessional, patient-centered care and to advance and develop innovative pharmacy practice models. Our Doctor of Pharmacy graduates will be recognized for their ability to be forward-looking and for their passion to further advance the varied roles and activities that pharmacists provide on health care teams.

The College of Pharmacy will be recognized for the breadth and depth of the scholarly activities of its faculty and students in the pharmaceutical sciences, clinical sciences, social-administrative sciences and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The College of Pharmacy will be recognized for providing innovative, compassionate, interprofessional, clinical pharmacy services and for its community service provided by faculty members and students in the community, clinical and institutional settings

The graduates, fellows and residents of the College of Pharmacy will be recognized as leaders among the next generation of scientists, practitioners, and educators creating new models of practice and advancing scientific and clinical discoveries.