Teaching Certificate Program

The resident engages in an extending learning experience with the UNE College of Pharmacy, with an appointment as clincal faculty. The resident will be required to participate in and complete the established pharmacy practice resident teaching certificate program. 

The program is comprised of the completion of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Education Scholar modules in conjunction with UNE faculty-led discussions, 200 teaching hours over the course of the residency year, design and delivery of one continuing education program through the UNE College of Pharmacy Continuing Education Department and completion of a teaching portfolio.  

Teaching hours are completed through didactic lectures within self-care therapeutics and/or the advanced pharmacy practice or patient assessment laboratory courses.  

The resident also completes a longitudinal experience within the therapeutics case conference series or within the courses in introductory pharmacy practice or advanced pharmacy practice or the pharmaceutics lab.  

It is an expectation that the resident serves as a co-preceptor for APPE and IPPE students, in accordance with Maine state law.