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College of Pharmacy

College of Pharmacy

Educating Pharmacists For Your Team

UNE's College of Pharmacy is a leading educator of the next generation of pharmacists. Students in the program master a variety of topics related to medication use including disease management, pharmacology, pharmacogenomics, pharmacoeconomics, and pharmacy informatics.

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Our curriculum is dedicated to helping our students achieve outcomes suited for their individual interests and career aspirations. The Doctor of Pharmacy program combines interdisciplinary education with experiential practice and results in a pharmacist prepared for the rigors of an interprofessional health management team.

Scientific Discovery

UNE's College of Pharmacy building is the first and only facility in Maine devoted entirely to academic studies and research in the field of pharmacy.

You'll take advantage of the building's Dallaire Drug Information Center, as well as modern labs including the Hannaford Pharmacy Practice Lab, the Baker Company Sterile Products Lab, and the Community Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Lab.

Our primary area of focus will be the discovery and development of new drug molecules. Other areas of research activity will include therapeutic biomarkers, drug delivery methods, nutraceuticals, herbal medicines, and strategies for assessing individual variations in drug response, and clinical research.

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Pharmacist  Profession
Ranked No. 3

U.S. News and World Report has ranked the profession of Pharmacist No. 3 in its "100 Best Jobs of 2013." More


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Heather Stewart '14
College of Pharmacy

"The faculty fully support student ideas and do everything they can to help you achieve your goals. ..."

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