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College of Pharmacy

Awards and Honors Ceremony

The Awards and Honors Ceremony honors the accomplishments of our faculty, students and staff.
The Awards and Honors Ceremony is a yearly event of the College of Pharmacy that takes the time out of our busy schedules during the academic year to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of our schools faculty, students and staff.  This year's event was held on April 25, 2013 at 5:00 pm at Ludcke Auditorium and followed by a dessert reception held in the College of Pharmacy Building.

What is the Awards and Honors Ceremony?

The Awards and Honors Ceremony give the faculty, students and staff time to recognize those outstanding persons who went above and beyond in categories such as academics, professionalism, leadership and community service.  From January to March, the committee accepts nominations from all members of the College of Pharmacy and then carefully selects the best suited person from those nominations.  All awards and scholarships handed out at the annual awards ceremony are surprises to those recipients.


William Bingham 2nd Scholarship for the College of Pharmacy
Awardee: Erika Newman

Walgreens Diversity Scholarship
Awardees: Nehali Shah, Abdulrahman Zeinomar

Walgreens Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship
Awardee: Jeby Mathew

Rite Aid Student Scholarship
Awardees: Brooke Clement, Lum Achu, Emily Erpenbeck, Anna Zieba, Paa Yanful, Kassandra Peruski, Lindsey Cashell, Michelle Mejibovsky

CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Scholarship
Awardees: Kristen Bruell and Donna Park

Goold Health Systems Scholarship
Awardees: Lauren Boudreau and Vesna Kravljaca

Pharmacy Dean’s Scholarship
Awardee: Julie Lernihan

Dr. Douglas H. and Dorothy B. Kay Annual Fund Scholarship
Awardee: Michelle O’Meara

National Association of Chain Drug Stores Scholarship for AY 12/13
Awardees: Richard Agbotoko and Gregory Drummey

Supervalu Pharmacy Scholarship for AY 12/13
Awardees: Lauren Boudreau and Christina Szeto


Student Awards

USPHS Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Award
Awardee: Alice Ho

Academic Excellence Award
Awardees: Sarah Deraps (P3), Amanda Bombard and Renee Hall (P2), Nathaniel Johnson, Lindsey Voigt and Adrian Tsui (P1)

Student Leadership Award
Awardee: Mitchell Chan

Community Service Award
Awardee: Lindsey McIver

Student Scholar Award
Awardee: Jacob Barker

Pharmacy Communications Award
Awardee: Alice Ho

Clinical Skills Award
Awardee: Jacob Barker and Jonathan Balk

Outstanding Professionalism Award
Awardee: Greta Astrup

Pharmacy Leadership Society (Phi Lambda Sigma) Chapter Member of the Year Award
Awardee: Cecilia Hui


Faculty/Staff Awards

Preceptor of the Year
Awardee: Lawrence Pierce

Pharmacist of the Year
Awardee: Thomas Lanucha

Service Appreciation Award:
Denis Letellier and Dylan

Research Technician Award
Awardee: Lisa Harding

P1 Teacher of the Year
Awardee: Dr. Curt Cyr

P2 Teacher of the Year
Awardee: Dr. George Allen

P3 Teacher of the Year
Awardee: Dr. Andrea Deschambeault

Mentor of the Year
Awardee: Dr. Srinidi Mohan

Staff Excellence Award:
Awardee: Pauline Dombrowik

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the Awards and Honors Ceremonies, please contact Renee Dana at