Committee Members Phase I


Dan D’Entremont, Co-Chair Strategic Planning Committee
Ed Woodsum, L.L.B., Co-Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
Vince Furey, Chair, Board of Trustees
Michael Morel, Chair, Finance Committee, Board of Trustees
Danielle Ripich, Ph.D., President
Jacque Carter, Ph.D., Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ellen Beaulieu, Ed.D., Associate Provost for Planning & Assessment

Board of Trustees

Thomas Benenti, D.M.D., Long-Range Planning Committee
Robert Cahners, Long-Range Planning Committee
Sandy Cochrane, Chair, Student Affairs Committee
Brian Dallaire, Pharm.D., Long-Range Planning Committee
Dodie Detmer, Chair, Institutional Advancement Committee ’06-‘07
Jeff Doss, D.D.S., Chair, Institutional Advancement Committee ’07-present
Elwood Fox, D.O., Long-Range Planning Committee
Edward Friedman, D.O., Long-Range Planning Committee
Alfred Fuchs, Ph.D., Long-Range Planning Committee
Karin Gregory, J.D., Chair, Facilities Committee
Carol Hills, Long-Range Planning Committee
Keith Jacques, J.D., Long-Range Planning Committee
Joseph Karpinski, D.D.S., Long-Range Planning Committee
John Keffer, Long-Range Planning Committee
Robert McAfee, M.D., Long-Range Planning Committee
Owen Pickus, D.O., Long-Range Planning Committee
Robert Occhialini, Long-Range Planning Committee
Terrance Sheehan, M.D., Chair, Research & Development Committee

Student Trustees

Owen Lennon, ’06-‘07
Tim St. John, ’06-‘07
Ryan Smith, ’07-‘08
Melissa Osborn, ’07-‘08

University Council

Ed Bilsky, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor, Dept of Pharmacology/Chair, Faculty Assembly

Boyd Buser, D.O., Interim Dean, College of
Osteopathic Medicine, '06-'07
Paul Burlin, Ph.D., Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, '06-'07
John Cormier, Pharm.D., Dean, College of Pharmacy
Andrew Golub, Dean of Library Services
David Ward, Ph.D., Dean, College of Health Professions
Jacquelyn Cawley, D.O., Interim Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine


William Chance, Assoc. Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Ben Chretian, Vice President for Business & Finance
Barbara Hazard, Vice President for Student Affairs
Harley Knowles, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Alan Liebrecht, Vice President, Admissions & Enrollment Management


Glenn Ellen Roth, Chair, UNEfied

College Faculty Assembly Chairs

Clay Graybeal, Ph.D., Chair, College of Health Professions Faculty Assembly
Joseph Habraken, Chair, College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Assembly
Sam McReynolds, Ph.D., Chair, College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Assembly, ’06-‘07
David Manyan, Ph.D., Chair, College of Osteopathic Medicine Faculty Assembly