Coordinating Committee Members

Seth Allcorn
Vice President for Business and Finance

Ellen Beaulieu
Associate Provost for Planning and Assessment

Bill Bola
Director of Contract Management

Jacque Carter
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Jacquelyn Cawley
Vice President for Clinical Affairs

William Chance
Associate Vice President for Advancement

John Cormier
Dean, College of Pharmacy

Tim Ford
Vice President for Research
and Dean of Graduate Studies

John R. Gimpel, D.O., M.Ed.
Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine,
Vice President for Health Services

Arthur Goldstein
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Andrew Golub
Dean, Library Services

Barbara Hazard
Vice President, Student Affairs

David Johnson
Chief Information Officer

Harley Knowles
Vice President for Advancement

Alan Liebrecht
Vice President Admissions and Enrollment Management

Kuldeep Puppala
Director of Institutional Research

Richard Roesler
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

Kathleen Taggersell
Director of Communications

David Ward
Dean, College of Health Professions

Stephan Zeeman
University Faculty Assembly Chair