Vision 2017

The University of New England will be nationally recognized with programs of excellence and innovation in health professions and the arts and sciences.

The University will have integrated educational, research, and science programs that are based on collaborative, interdisciplinary partnerships. UNE will continue to be the primary educator of health care professionals for the State of Maine. Health science programs will embrace and promote a patient centered approach to educating osteopathic physicians and healthcare professionals. Interdisciplinary programs promote learning in integrative ways. Through its diverse, traditional undergraduate majors in the arts and sciences, UNE will provide transformative educational experiences that prepare young adults for their immediate and distant personal, career and civic futures.

The University will have well developed centers of excellence in research. The level of scholarly productivity and extramural funding of the faculty in select programs will place the University in the top tier of academic and research institutions in Northern New England. Through the generation and dissemination of new knowledge, members of the University will seek to solve the major health, environmental and cultural challenges faced by society. UNE will have a strong program of service at all levels of our society and be a leader in environmental stewardship.

The University will manage its unique resources wisely. Students will have the opportunity to learn not only on our coastal campuses, but also nationally and internationally. The University will be a leader in the use of innovative technology. The planning and integration of our academic, residence life and support facilities will be viewed as a model for building interdisciplinary, team based learning and scholarly communities. Cocurricular programs are central to the mission of the University for educating students and supporting the personal growth of all members of the University community. Athletic programs will achieve demonstrable success enriching the University and aiding in the recruitment, retention and overall satisfaction of the student body.