The University of New England is the leading provider of health care professionals in the State of Maine, and has recognized strengths in osteopathic medicine; health sciences; biological, marine, and environmental sciences; and other select areas of excellence in the liberal arts.

The institution upholds the proud traditions and spirit of the original colleges that merged to become the University of New England. St. Francis College traces its commitment to liberal arts and science education to its founding by the Franciscan order in 1939. The New England College of Osteopathic Medicine was established in 1978 with a mission of training osteopathic physicians who would practice primary care medicine. The two colleges successfully joined to establish the University of New England. In 1996 the University merged with Westbrook College, an institution that has promoted higher education opportunities for men and women since it was founded in 1831. The College of Health Professions was established on the Westbrook College Campus in 2001 and was joined by the founding of the College of Pharmacy in 2007 and the College of Dental Medicine in 2013.