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Welcome to UNE's Registration Information Headquarters

Here on the Registration Information site you will find helpful information on registering for courses, logging into U-Online, error messages, and contact information all in addition to your program's registration dates.

Start by exploring the content below to learn the ins-and-outs of online registration. 

Step-by-Step Guides

First Time Logging into U-Online
U-Online is UNE's Online Information System.  It provides many tools to students including online registration.  If you have never logged into U-Online before or are now having difficulties, check out our guide.

Registration 101 Guides
U-Online can be a tricky place to navigate in the heat of registration.  Check out your personal guides to online registration...

  • Registration 101 Video: Using the questions that pop-up while viewing the video you can tailor what you watch based on your own needs and questions.  Or you can select a topic from the Table of Contents (TOC) if you only want to learn about a subject or two. 

    Please note, the TOC is the best way to navigate through the video if you are not planning to view it from beginning to end.  Do not use the time progression bar.  You may need to exit the video and reload if you have trouble viewing.  On the quiz questions, you will need to select "Submit" and then "Done" to answer the question.

  • Registration 101 PDF: This pdf guides you through registering online using the U-Online tools.  Use the "buttons" to travel from topic to topic discovering only what you need to know.  The pdf is great when going at your own pace.

    Please note, when navigating through the pdf, try not to use the browser's back button or the pdf viewer's "Previous Page" button.  You will need to exit out of your browser and open the pdf again if you need to start over.

Error Messages
It can be really confusing when you are trying to register for classes and you get an error message.  Check out  this Error Messages Guide to help you figure out what it all means.

Please note: Class, Prerequisite and Test Score, Co-requisite, Program, and Field of Study- Major/Minor restrictions can be overridden in special cases with the permission of the Department Chair for the course on the Registration Restriction Override Form which can be picked up in Registration Services.  This form should be used very rarely, is at the Department Chairs discretion, and permitted only if there is space in the classroom.  You should also consult with your advisor when you believe this form may be necessary.  For example, you may ask them, "How will it effect me to take a class where I do not meet the prerequisites?"

Helpful Links

Registration Dates and Policies

Select your program from the list below to view registration dates for the upcoming registration periods.

(Some forms above are PDF files requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can obtain a free copy of the software by visiting the Adobe website.)

Registration Forms