K-12 Outreach Training Modules

A female U N E student stands with a young girl wearing a bike helmet

The activities we can offer your school system are:

Learning and Memory (Grades K-5)

This module includes hands-on activities to teach K-5 students about cognition and learning and memory with tasks such as the Stroop test, repetitive mazes (easy and hard) and blind spot assessments.

Traumatic Brain Injury (Grades 6-12)

This module uses different approaches to teach students from grades 6-12 about TBI; includes helmet safety egg drop experiment and brief presentations on cranial nerve assessments and concussion.

Neurological Disorders (Grades 6-12)

These activities go over various neurological disorders and the effects they have on the brain. Disorders discussed include: migraine, Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis. Includes classroom demonstrations.

Sheep Brain Dissections (Grades 6-12)

This activity brings proper dissection techniques and the neuroanatomy of sheep brains into the classroom. Instructors perform informative dissections (relevant to grade) and show how the dissection is performed and what supplies are necessary.

Cognition and Attention (Grades 6-12)

These activities introduce brain systems involved in learning, memory, attention and decision-making. Fun and interactive activities highlight the limitations of our brain and demonstrate ways of improving our memory.

Human Neuroanatomy (Grades 9-12)

This module goes over the neuroanatomy of the human brain, making lessons applicable to various grades with posters, plastic brain models and real human brains and tissues.

Integrated Elementary Module

This module is designed to introduce younger children to the brain, brain safety and brain function. Brief interactive lessons are provided about the importance of wearing a helmet, some major parts of our brain and how they interact with our ability to sense the world and make movements.


Modules in Development:

  • Addiction
  • Decision Making
  • Microscopy