Noel Takeuchi

Circulating Vitamin A and E Levels Based on Artificial Formula Consumed in Rescued Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina) Pups

With the help of the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center (MARC), Mystic Aquarium, the National Zoo in Washington DC, and the University of Rhode Island, Noel is studying nutrition in harbor seal pups in rehabilitation.  The objectives of her study are to 1. Analyze various formulas used in rehabilitation centers and compare their nutritional content to wild mother's milk, and 2. Analyze the amount of vitamin A and E circulating within the pup prior to weaning in order to ensure an adequate amount of essential vitamins are present in their diet during a young and critical age. Obtaining an adequate diet early in life will maximize potential growth and development in rehabilitated pups and thus, increase their chances of survival once released in the wild.

After graduation from UNE, Noel was accepted into the PhD program at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine's Marine Mammal Health Program. 

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