Innovation Hub

The Office of Strategic Initiatives works at integrating people, ideas and resources to develop new, high-value learning experiences that enrich students and have a positive societal impact.

What is the UNE Innovation Hub?

The Innovation Hub is a concept to foster open communication and idea sharing. We gather people and ideas together to promote collaboration. The innovation hub is a nexus point of a continuous network formation of people, designs and information. 

Why do we innovate?

In step with our rapidly changing world, higher education is evolving — as is the profile of the 21st century learner.

We embrace possibility, leading with imagination to explore potentialities. Building on existing institutional strengths, we help UNE envision its own future.


  • Learner success is at the center of all innovation
  • Organizational cultures are valuable
  • Challenges are opportunities
  • Ideas matter more than politics or hierarchies
  • Diverse networks create the best potential
  • Every participant adds value


For more information about the Innovation Hub and how you can become involved with student-centered innovation at UNE, please contact Holly Parker or Hilary Babbitt via e-mail, or call 221-4733.

Jurgen Appelo, “The Five Cogs of Innovation.” Flickr Creative Commons