Clubs and Organizations

Meeting with students and faculty outside of the classroom is part of what makes a college experience well rounded. With more than 60 clubs and organizations from which to choose, you’re sure to find a place where you belong. So if it’s academics or theater, community-based service or LGBTQ issues, student government or club sports, figure skating or surfing — whatever your interest — you’re sure to find like-minded students and faculty on the Biddeford Campus eager to share in your passion. Check out the listing of clubs below.


  • Animal Behavior Club: Provides future animal ethologists with resources, internship and volunteer help and peer experienced mentors.
  • Applied Exercise Science: For students interested in Applied Exercise Science and all that it entails.
  • Athletic Training Club: Provides for an improved educational experience in the field of athletic training.
  • Aquarium Club: Promotes and organizes various activities dealing with marine life on earth.
  • Aquaponics Club: Promotes learning and the opportunities for hands on experience at UNE. This organization allows students to learn about Aquaponics, the organisms involved and the mechanics behind it.
  • Chemistry Club: Provides and explores career options in the chemistry or pharmaceutical fields.
  • Earth’s E.C.O. (Environmentally Conscious Organization): A group dedicated to making UNE an environmentally-sound university.
  • Education Club: For students interested in educational professions.
  • English Club: For students in the English major or interested in English.
  • ImmUNE: For those interested in working to bring health care education to low income families and communities.
  • Neuroscience Club: This new student organization will work with the Neuroscience department to promote neuroscience as a major and provide opportunities for students to know more about the neuroscience field.
  • Ocean Club: An organization where students teach themselves and others about marine animals.
  • Partners in Business: For those interested in a future career in Business.
  • People of Politics: For students interested in politics.
  • Philosophy Club: For students interested in Philosophy.
  • Pre-Dental Club: For students interested in pursuing dental school or interested in dentistry in general.
  • Pre-Med Club: Primary goal is to provide students with more information about the journey to becoming a doctor.
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy Club: Seeks to develop a greater awareness of what Occupational Therapy is.
  • Pre-Optometry: This club is for students who are interested in pursuing a career or learning more about the optometry profession.
  • Pre-Physician’s Assistant Club: For students in the Pre-PA track or those interested in the profession.
  • Pre Student Osteopathic Medical Association (Pre SOMA): For students interested in Osteopathic medicine by teaching them about its functions and attributes.
  • Pre-Pharmacy Club: For students in the Pre-Pharmacy program, or those who are interested in the profession.
  • Pre-Vet Club: For students interested in the veterinary field.
  • Psi Chi: UNE’s Chapter of the Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society honors excellence in Psychology.
  • Psychology Club: The purpose of the Psychology Club is to enhance the educational opportunities of students interested in psychology and its related areas of profession.
  • Student Nursing Association: Promotes, organizes and serves the UNE community and neighboring communities through volunteering and raising awareness of nursing related issues.
  • UNE Genetics Society: The purpose of the genetics club is to stimulate interest in the field of genetics to the UNE student body and the local community (with a focus on high schools in Northern New England).
  • Women’s and Gender Studies Club: The Women's and Gender Studies Club want’s you! Passionate about social issues, meetings are spent discussing current events and planning club events. From feminist themed art installations to movies about gender based violence, the Women's and Gender Studies Club can open your eyes to knew horizons and create lasting friendships.
  • UNE AALSO: The UNE AALSO Club is a club associated with the AALSO (Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators) organization. This club offers students the opportunity to get a level 1 certification, which allows students to get involved with professional AALSO members.
  • UNE North Atlantic Chapter of Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (NACSETAC): This new student organization works to promote and raise awareness about environmental toxins, the science of it and what can be done.


  • Nor’easter News: The UNE Student newspaper is published bi-weekly and is produced by students with the assistance of a staff advisor.
  • Nor’easter Yearbook: Student staff members work towards producing a quality yearbook.
  • Photography Club: For students interested in photography and taking photos both at campus events and beyond.
  • Storm Surge: Students, faculty and staff play a wide variety of different music events at various events throughout the year.
  • UNE Jazz Club: The UNE Jazz Club is a performance oriented group that welcomes woodwind, brass, string and percussion musicians
  • UNE Players: The purpose of the club is to introduce the art of theater to campus.
  • Radio UNE: This new club works to provide opportunities for UNE students to learn more about radio and get involved in radio.
  • UNE TABS: TABS provides singing opportunities for UNE students, faculty and staff.
  • UNEkulele Club: This is an accepting stress-free environment for students who are either interested in playing ukulele or those who simply enjoy the light-hearted music! This club is open to all experience levels and welcomes those who hope to learn how to play.
  • Zephyr: UNE’s journal of creative expression to which students, faculty and staff from both campuses may submit original works of prose, poetry, drawing, or black and white photography.

Community Service Based

  • College Community Mentoring: Connects UNE students with mentoring opportunities in the surrounding area.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Coordinates community building activities and other volunteer efforts to help those individuals less fortunate.
  • Relay for Life: This club is dedicated to planning and organizing all aspects of UNE’s Relay for Life, taking place in the spring semester.
  • Rotaract: Rotaract’s mission is “service within and beyond the community.” Goals include reaching out to the UNE community and nearby communities through community service or donations.
  • UNE Hunger Initiative: This organization is designed to increase education and ACTION surrounding the issue of hunger in the United States, and the benefits of nutritious eating and growing food in order to promote a healthy and nutritious lifestyle and well being.
  • UNE NOLA Service Learning: Interested in community service and teaching others why it's important? Join the club! The focus of this organization is to do just that. Not only will we help out our local community but also work towards a week long trip to New Orleans to do the same.


  • Alliance: With the tagline of “Welcoming all people, gay, straight and in-between,” The Alliance helps makes UNE a safer, more welcoming place for everyone.
  • Edge: Edge is a chance for UNE students, both non-Christians and Christians, to get together to talk about life on campus and what role Jesus Christ plays in it.
  • Franciscan Faithful: A support network for Catholic students at UNE.
  • UNitEd: Open to all undergraduate students at UNE interested in learning with and from people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and raising awareness about different cultural celebrations, beliefs and traditions.

Councils & Committees

  • Class Officers: Each class elects officers who advocate for the needs of the entire class.
  • Club Sports Council: Serves as an organized group of student leaders from each of the active Club Sports who assist the Recreational Sports Coordinator in overseeing the Club Sports program.
  • Commuter Council: A student group whose mission is to identify and advocate for issues affecting commuters of all ages and to develop programs related to commuter students’ interests and needs.
  • Residential Student Life Association (RSLA): Serves as the representative body for the residence halls.
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC): This is an organization comprised of two representatives from each athletic team, chosen by each team. SAAC advocates for student athletes on all issues as well as organizing several programs such as Special Olympics events.
  • Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC): A group of UNE undergraduate students interested in addressing health and wellness topics and trends at the college level.
  • Recreation Council: Outdoor recreation exists to capitalize on the adventure possibilities that our waterfront campus, and the great state of Maine provides.

Recreation & Outdoor

  • Cardio Club: Exercise classes held for students throughout the year in a wide variety of techniques and styles.
  • Crew Club: Our club today plans to create a home here on the Saco River at the University of New England. Rowers will learn what it takes to succeed in all areas of life. The successes they find on the water will carry them both personally and professionally.
  • Figure Skating Club: This new student organization will promote figure skating as an activity and work to promote figure skating at UNE.
  • Ride 24/7: This club provides opportunities for skiing and winter sports for UNE students.
  • Sidewalk Surfers: For those interested in skateboarding or long boarding.
  • Surf Addiction: Surf Addiction is a club for all surfing enthusiasts, whether first timers or experienced wave riders. We watch movies, share surfing tips, boards, stories and spots. We plan outings to teach the beginners and community service projects.
  • Under Pressure (SCUBA Club): Sponsors a number of exciting activities for students who have an interest in the underwater world.
  • Sailing Club: Promotes and facilitates recreational and competitive sailing for the UNE community.
  • Outing Club: Our goal is to create a tight knit group of nature-lovers and adventure seekers. Join us as we explore the great outdoors.


  • Undergraduate Student Government (USG): “By the students, for the students." Provides experience for its members in principles and practice of governance and acts as a medium for expressing the opinion of the students. The official organization for the allocation of funds to organizations, clubs, and activities. Executive Board consists of president, vice-president, secretary and financial manager. There are student affairs, public relations and student services senators as well as commuter (two), non-traditional, class (one per class), academic departments (nine) and residence hall (two) representatives.

Special Interest

  • Activities Programming Board (APB): Major programming board on campus providing many opportunities for UNE students including concerts, dances, trips, comedians and more.
  • Anime Club: This club will be a place where students can come together to watch Anime, discuss anime, make and learn how to make amv's, and come together to socialize with other students as the same interest as you.
  • ARTSci: This organization aims to contribute to UNE by encouraging an art science approach to learning and engaging in occupations.
  • Knit Wits: A carefree environment for students to meet once a week and relax over handcrafted items.
  • Military Appreciation Club: This club strives to celebrate veterans, all others affected by the military and anyone interested in learning new things.
  • Martial Arts Club: For anyone interested in Martial Arts or learning about Martial Arts.
  • Peacejam Scholars: Creating young leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities, and the world through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Laureates who pass on the spirit, skills, and wisdom they embody.
  • TEDxUNE: A club that seeks to inspire UNE and its surrounding New England community through the sharing of knowledge.
  • UNE EMS (Emergency Medical Support): A group of licensed EMTs and other interested individuals who want to further their education in the field of emergency medical response.
  • UNE Esports: This organizations is dedicated to bringing competitive video game tournaments to the UNE Biddeford Campus.
  • UNE Film Club: The UNE Film Club is a student organization with a mission to involve students in film history and all aspects of cinematography.
  • UNE Gamers: For those interested in all types of games including board games, card games and video games.
  • vegUNE: The purpose of the vegUNE shall be to promote and inform the UNE community about the vegan, vegetarian and animal rights lifestyles. Activities pertaining to these will also be promoted.