Clubs and Organizations

Meeting with students and faculty outside of the classroom is part of what makes a college experience well rounded. With more than 70 clubs and organizations from which to choose, you’re sure to find a place where you belong. So if it’s academics or theater, community-based service or environmental issues, student government or club sports, figure skating or surfing — whatever your interest — you’re sure to find like-minded students and faculty on the Biddeford Campus eager to share in your passion. Check out the listing of clubs below.

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Academic Organizations

  • Anthropology Club: Anthropology club is place for students to learn and make connections in the field from other students and faculty!

    Meeting: Semi-monthly (twice a month), Thursday at 8:30, Decary 318

  • Applied Exercise Science : For students interested in Applied Exercise Science and all that it entails.

    Meeting: Semi-monthly (twice a month), Thursday at 7:00pm, Forum

  • Aquaponics Club: The purpose of the Aquaponics club is to promote learning and the opportunities for hands on experience at UNE. It will be organized to allow students to learn about aquaponics, the organisms involved, and the mechanics behind it.

    Meeting: Weekly, Monday at 7pm, Marine science center

  • Aquarium Club : Ever been interested in caring for fish and other marine organisms? We meet bi-weekly starting early in September. See you there!

    Meeting: Weekly, Thursday at 6:00pm, Decary 203

  • ARTSci: This organization aims to contribute to UNE by encouraging an art science approach to learning and engaging in occupations.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Thursday at 6 pm, Art Studio

  • Astronomy Club: This club will look to explore and learn about space and planets. Our goal is to provide a way to experience an astronomy education at UNE by bringing in guest speakers and learning from similar groups in the community.

    Meeting: Semi-monthly (twice a month), Sunday at 8 PM, TBD

  • Athletic Training Club: Provides an improved educational experience in the field of Athletic Training.

    Meeting: Monthly, Thursday at 7am, Harold Alfond Forum

  • Chemistry Club : The Chemistry Club is group of students who love chemistry! You don't have to be a chemistry major to join. We have done a variety of things in the past, but we are a developing club, so please join and share your ideas! Help us promote Chemistry at UNE!

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Wednesday at 6:00 PM, Decary 206

  • Earth's ECO: A group dedicated to making UNE an environmentally sound University.

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 5:00 pm, Decary 226

  • English Club : English Club welcomes anyone with a passion for the expressions of Literature such as Writing, Drama, Poetry, and Prose.

    Meeting: Weekly, Monday at 6:00 PM, Decary 202a

  • History Club: We put the A.D. in ADVENTURE
  • Makers Club: We are a community of creative thinkers and builders that meet once a week to share ideas and build great things!

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 5:30pm, Decary Makers Space

  • Neuroscience Club : This student organization will work with neuroscience department to promote neuroscience as a major and promote opportunities for students to know more about the neuroscience field.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Monday at 6:00pm, Alfond 205

  • Ocean Club : The purpose of the “Ocean Club” shall be to promote and organize marine science events, environmental and ocean awareness, and create a community of those who love the ocean and those animals that reside in it.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Sunday at 6:00pm-7:00pm, Decary 205

  • Partners in Business: The University of New England Partners in Business Club mission is to provide its members with a positive and professional experience to prepare them for their respective future careers in their respective field of business.

    Meeting: Monthly, Sunday at To be Determined, To e determined

  • Philosophy Club : We're a group of dedicated thinkers, curious cats, and aspiring tea and hot chocolate connoisseurs. Come join us!

    Meeting: Weekly, Monday at 7:00 - 8:30 pm, Decary 208

  • Pre Student Osteopathic Medical Association: This organization is the undergraduate branch of the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA). Its purpose is to inform those interested in osteopathic medicine by teaching them about its functions and attributes.

    Meeting: Monthly, Wednesday at 8:30 pm, ACHS 106

  • Pre-Dental Club : For students interested in pursuing dental medicine, especially those interested in going to dental school.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Monday at 6:00 PM, Alfond 106

  • Pre-Med Club: Most important goal is to provide students with the knowledge and insight on how to become a doctor and how to conquer a designated career in medicine.

    Meeting: Weekly, Sunday at 7:00 pm, Alfond 205

  • Pre-Occupational Therapy Club: Seeks to develop a greater awareness of what occupational therapy is. In this club, we will work within the community and do volunteer activities, promote bonding among members, and help fellow Pre-OT's develop an understanding of the program itself.

    Meeting: Monthly, Monday at 7:30 PM, Marcil 202

  • Pre-Optometry Club: This club is for students who are interested in learning about a potential career in the growing field of optometry.

    Meeting: Weekly, Sunday at Alternate between 1pm and 7pm, Sutton Lounge

  • Pre-Pharmacy Club : For students in the Pre-Pharmacy program or those who are interseted in the profession.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Monday at 7:00 pm, ACHS

  • Pre-Physician Assistant Club: For students in the Pre-PA track or those interested in the profession. For undergraduate students searching for an easy and effective way to get involved early in the physician assistant program.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., ACHS 'Alfond' 205

  • Pre-Vet Club : For students in the veterinary field and those interested in animals
  • Psi Chi: UNE's Chapter of the Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society honors excellence in Psychology.

    Meeting: Monthly, Sunday at 7:00 pm, Decary

  • Psychology Club : The mission of the Psychology club is to create a community of students who share a common interest in the discipline of psychology and its broad application while also providing students with connections to the Psychology department faculty and students

    Meeting: Monthly, Wednesday at 5-6 PM, Decary 202A

  • Student Nursing Association : Promotes, organizes and serves the UNE community and neighboring communities through volunteering and raising awareness of nursing related issues.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Wednesday at 8 pm, Decary 205

  • UNE AALSO Club: The UNE AALSO Club is a club associated with the AALSO (Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators) organization. This club offers students the opportunity to get a level 1 certification, which allows students to get involved with professional AALSO members.

    Meeting: Weekly, Friday at 5pm, Marine Science Center

  • UNE Animal Behavior Club: The Animal Behavior Club is open to all members who want to get involved with animals, learn about animals, and get the community pumped about animals.

    Meeting: Weekly, Monday at 6:30 PM, Decary 212

  • UNE Genetics Society : The purpose of the genetics club is to stimulate interest in the field of genetics to the UNE student body and the local community (with a focus on high schools in Northern New England).
  • UNE Math Club: The UNE Math Club is an organization devoted to promoting interest in Mathematics on campus and beyond.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Tuesday at 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Decary Function Rooms

  • Women's and Gender Studies Club: Do you care about gendered issues or want to learn more? Join the WGST Club for fun and exciting events and maybe a little bit of changing the world!

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 8:00pm, Student involvement suite

Arts and Media Council

  • Nor'easter News : The UNE student newspaper can be found online at and is produced by students with the assistance of a staff advisor.

    Meeting: Weekly, Monday at 2:00pm, Our Office

  • Photography Club : This club is for students interested in photography and taking photos

    Meeting: Weekly, Thursday at 7:00pm, Decary 209

  • Storm Surge Chamber Ensemble : Students, faculty and staff of UNE play a wide variety of music throughout the year. Our weekly rehearsals will be held this semester on Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm in the campus center MPRs.

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 8:00pm to 9:30pm, Campus Center Multi-Purpose Rooms (MPRs)

  • Ukulele Club: UNEkulele is an accepting stress-free environment for students who are either interested in playing ukulele or those who simply enjoy the light-hearted music! This club is open to all experience levels and welcomes those who hope to learn how to play.

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 7pm, Decary 212

  • UNE Film Club: The UNE Film Club is a student organization with a mission to involve students in film history and all aspects of cinematography.

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 6;00 pm, UNE Biddeford Campus

  • UNE Jazz Club: UNE Jazz Club is a performance oriented group that welcomes all aspiring musicians. Weekly rehearsals with our director, Tom Whitehead, ensure that members in the group grow both as individual musicians and as musicians within a band.

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 6:00pm - 7:30pm, Music Practice Room

  • UNE Players : UNE Players is an organization that aims to contribute to the performing arts at the University of New England and the surrounding community. It is meant to add another attribute of artistic culture to University life.

    Meeting: Monthly, Thursday at 8:00 PM, Sutton Lounge

  • Zephyr: UNE's journal of creative expression to which students, faculty, and staff from both campuses may submit original workds of prose, peotry, drawing and black and white photography.

    Meeting: Monthly, Saturday at 5 pm, Campus Center

Class Year Councils

  • Class of 2017: Class of 2017 Officers
  • Class of 2018: Class of 2018 officers

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Tuesday at 12:30-1:00, Campus Center-SIS

  • Class of 2019 Council: This council works to serve the students in the Class of 2019. We focus on events and changes the students in the class would like to see here at UNE.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Friday at 9AM, Decary

Club Sports Council

  • Club Gymnastics: A gymnastics team for everyone from brand new beginners to advanced competitors! Come learn brand new skills, or perfect ones you already have! Competition is available, but entirely optional. Come have fun and get in shape!

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 8:00 pm, Campus Center

  • Figure Skating Club : This new student organization will promote figure skating as an activity and work to promote figure skating at UNE.

    Meeting: Weekly, Monday at TBD, Harold Alfond Forum (Ice Arena)

  • Powerlifting Club: A club for the sport of powerlifting for anyone, from those who have been on the platform to those who have never been under barbell. Improve your skills in the squat, bench, and deadlift.

    Meeting: Weekly, Thursday at 7:00PM, Campus Center Fitness Center

  • UNE Cheerleading Club: Do you have what it takes to become a Nor'Easter Cheerleader? Come support and cheer on our UNE basketball teams and join our soon to be competition team. Contact the President Ashley Dumont at for more details!

    Meeting: Weekly, Sunday at N/A, N/A

Cultural Council

  • Alliance: With a tagline of "welcoming all people, gay, straight, and inbetween" the Alliance helps to make UNE a safer,more welcoming living and learning community.

    Meeting: Weekly, Thursday at 7pm, St. Francis Room (Bottom floor of the library)

  • Franciscan Faithful : A support network for Catholic students at UNE.

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 4:30-6:00, Decary 120

  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a chance for UNE students, both non-Christians and Christians, to get together and have open discussions about life topics and what role Jesus Christ plays in it.

    Meeting: Weekly, Thursday at 8, St. Francis Room

  • UNitEd: UNE's Multicultural Club: Celebrating Backgrounds, Promoting Cultural and Diversity Awareness! We are UNitEd. Club meeting time: Tuesday @ 7:00PM in Decary 209.

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 7:00pm, Decary 209

Governance Organizations

  • Activities Programming Board : The University of New England's largest programming board on campus.

    Meeting: Monthly, Monday at 8:30 PM, Campus Center MPRs

  • Arts & Media Council: A council made up of the Arts and Media on campus

    Meeting: Monthly, Thursday at 6, NA

  • Mock Trial Club: Mock Trial team competes in imitation trials against other teams arguing a court case- either plaintiff or defense.

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 6:30pm (Day and time subject to change), Windward

  • Residential Student Life Association : The Residential Student Life Association (RSLA) is an organization which provides an avenue for residential students to enhance their living experience through advocacy, programming, and social interaction.

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 7pm, Featherman 121

  • Undergraduate Student Government : "By the students, for the students" Undergraduate Student Government provides experience for its members in principles and practice of governance and acts as a medium for expressing the opinion of the students.

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 6:30pm, MPRs

  • UNE Service and Volunteerism Council: The purpose of the Service and Volunteerism Council shall be to promote service and volunteerism throughout the UNE community and the surrounding community by bringing together all of the Service Clubs on campus.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Wednesday at 7pm, Student Involvement Suite

Recreation Council

  • Crew Club: Our club today plans to create a home here on the Saco River at the University of New England. We are a young team but quickly gaining more attention from the University. We aspire to compete with some of the top schools in the North East.

    Meeting: Weekly, Monday at 6:00-7:30am, University Boathouse (behind Featherman Hall)

  • Outing Club: Our goal is to create a tight knit group of nature-lovers and adventure-seekers in all things from indoor rock climbing to winter backpacking. Join us as we explore the great outdoors!

    Meeting: Weekly, Monday at 9pm, Student Involvement Suite of the Campus Center

  • Sailing Club: Sailing Club promotes and facilitates recreational and competitive sailing for the UNE community. We do not use our getinvolved page. Message to get on the club list and/or like us on Facebook: .

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 7pm, Decary second floor

  • Scuba Club: Sponsors SCUBA diving and snorkeling trips along the east coast, SCUBA certification classes, exciting out of season events such as pool dives and snorkels, host Discover SCUBA dives so people can experience SCUBA Diving without needing a certification.

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 6:00PM, Decary 209

  • Sidewalk Surfers: For those interested in skateboarding or longboarding.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Thursday at 8:00, Soko Track

  • Surf Club: Surf Club is for everyone--from those who have never touched a board to surfing enthusiasts. We host several Learn to Surf clinics with Black Point Surf Shop, take personal trips, have socials, and culminate the year with our giant Save The Waves event.

    Meeting: Weekly, Monday at 9:30pm, Student Involvement Suite of the Campus Center

  • UNE Ski & Snowboard Club: UNE Ski andSnowboard Club provides UNE students with the opportunity to take FREE day & weekend ski trips to Sunday River and Loon mountain! The club is open for all skiers & snowboarders of all experience levels, and student who want to learn

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 6:00 PM, Student Involvement Suite

Service and Volunteerism Council

  • College Community Mentoring Program: Welcome to CCMP! The mentor program is geared toward mentoring students in UNE's surrounding communities. CCMP provides the opportunity to enjoy working with younger students in local schools and to have fun volunteering. Great for all majors!

    Meeting: Monthly, Monday at 2:00, OCCE Community Program Office Decary 330

  • Education Club : For students interested in educational professions

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Sunday at 5:30, Decary 202

  • Habitat for Humanity : Coordinates community building activities and other volunteer efforts to help those individuals less fortunate.

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 7:30 pm, Decary 206

  • ImmUNE: For those interested in working to bring health care education to low income families and communities around the world.

    Meeting: Weekly, Sunday at 8 pm, Alfond 113

  • Military Appreciation Club: This club strives to celebrate veterans, all others affected by the military, and anyone interested in learning new things.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Thursday at 7:00 pm, Decary 210

  • PeaceJam Student Scholars: PeaceJam is a national and international program that focuses on a service project relevant to your community. It also focuses on mentoring the younger generations in how they can build their own programs and make this Earth a more peaceful place.

    Meeting: Weekly, Monday at 4:00PM, Decary 202A

  • Relay for Life : This club is dedicated to the planning and organizing of all aspects of UNE's Relay for Life, taking place in the spring semester.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Tuesday at 8:30 PM, Marcil 303

  • Rotaract: Rotaract's mission is "service within and beyond the community". Goals include reaching out to the UNE community and nearby communities through volunteer work and donations.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Sunday at 5:00 PM, St. Francis Room

  • UNE Hunger Initiative: This organization is designed to increase education and ACTION surrounding the issue of hunger in the United States, and the benefits of nutritious eating and growing food in order to promote a healthy and nutritious lifestyle and well being.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Thursday at 6:00PM, Decary 206

  • UNE NOLA Service Learning: Interested in community service and teaching others why it's important? Join the club! The focus of this organization is to do just that. Not only will we help out our local community but also work towards a week long trip to New Orleans to do the same.

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 6pm, Student Involvement Suite

  • UNE PAWS for the Cause: Want to do your part to help local animal shelters?

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Monday at 7:00pm, Unsure

  • University of New England Emergency Medical Services : The purpose of UNE EMS is dual faceted. The primary goal is to provide EMS coverage to the Biddeford Campus of UNE. The secondary goal is to provide education to the club and community at large about pre-hospital medicine and community health issues.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Sunday at 7:00 pm, Decary 202

Special Interest Organizations

  • Anime Club: Anime Club will be a place where students can come together to watch anime, play trivia games, host events, discuss anime, make and learn how to make amv's, work on cosplay, and come together to socialize with other students with similar interests.

    Meeting: Weekly, Thursday at 6:00, Decary 212

  • Anthropology Club: Anthropology club is place for students to learn and make connections in the field from other students and faculty!

    Meeting: Semi-monthly (twice a month), Thursday at 8:30, Decary 318

  • Best Buddies: Creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

    Meeting: Semi-monthly (twice a month), Monday at 6PM, Alfond

  • Craft Crew: This club aims to give students a chance to take a break from their rigorous course load by taking time to craft! The Craft Crew offers weekly craft sessions to relax, socialize and create with other students who love hands on and crafty projects.

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 6, Decary

  • DANCE SKRILLZ : This club will give members a chance to help choreograph and learn more about the various styles of dances in a fun atmosphere.

    Meeting: Weekly, Friday at 6-7:30pm, Multi-Purpose Rooms

  • Honey Bee Conservation Club: A club dedicated to educational and hands-on learning activities related to honey bee conservation and bee keeping skills.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Tuesday at 5pm, Decary 226

  • Knitwits: Knitwits is a carefree environment for students to meet once a week and relax over handcrafted items.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Wednesday at 8pm, East Lounge

  • Love Your Melon Crew: Love Your Melon is a nationally run organization, it's goal is to put a hat on every child battling cancer.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Sunday at 5:00, Forum ( Second Floor)

  • Mock Trial Club: Mock Trial team competes in imitation trials against other teams arguing a court case- either plaintiff or defense.

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 6:30pm (Day and time subject to change), Windward

  • Politics Club: For students interested in politics and law.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Sunday at 3 PM, Windward Cafe

  • TEDxUNE: A group of motivated students with a passion for learning.

    Meeting: Weekly, Sunday at 4 PM, Ketchum Library

  • UNE Gamers: For those interested in all types of games including board games, card games and video games.

    Meeting: Weekly, Friday at 6 pm, Decary 202

  • UNE PAWS for the Cause: Want to do your part to help local animal shelters?

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Monday at 7:00pm, Unsure

  • VegUNE: Educate UNE students about positive coexistence with the planet, the animals, and themselves.

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 8pm, St. Francis Room

  • Young People for Progressive Politics: The Progressive Politics Club is an organization for students, with or without experience or knowledge of American politics, who are interested in becoming more involved with hands-on State (not limited to Maine) and National level progressive politics.

    Meeting: Weekly, Thursday at 6:00pm, Decary

Wellness Council

  • Powerlifting Club: A club for the sport of powerlifting for anyone, from those who have been on the platform to those who have never been under barbell. Improve your skills in the squat, bench, and deadlift.

    Meeting: Weekly, Thursday at 7:00PM, Campus Center Fitness Center

  • Sexual Health Advocacy Group: SHAG is a student-led organization with the intent to spread sexuality-positivity, sexual barriers and toys, and resources to the UNE student body.

    Meeting: Bi-weekly (every other week), Wednesday at 12pm, Student Involvement Center

  • Student Health and Wellness Club: The club aims to educate the UNE community on various health and wellness topics and trends. In addition, the club aims to provide fun and interactive programs that influence healthy living.

    Meeting: Weekly, Wednesday at 8:00pm, The Hang

  • UNEFit: UNEFit organizes free group exercise classes and training with certified instructors for all experience levels of the UNE community. Join us in our variety of classes for a fun and beneficial workout! Check out the calendar below.

    Meeting: Weekly, Tuesday at 8pm, Campus Center Gym Office