Biology Support

Introductory Biology is a fast-paced, content-heavy course that can offer a substantial challenge to many students. The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) offers a variety of services designed to support you in biology. These services include:

Professional and Peer Tutoring

We offer tutoring nearly every day that the SASC is open. Our current availability can be found on


The SASC offers three optional workshops for student who wish to improve their study skills and gain an edge in biology.

  • How to Succeed in Biology
  • How to Prepare for a Biology Exam
  • Lab Report Writing in Biology

In each workshop, students are actively engaged by practicing what they learn directly in the session itself. Additional workshops may be created in response to student need.

Final Exam Study Session

A comprehensive, 2-hour review session is held prior to the final exam in Introductory Biology. Students are given the opportunity to take a short practice exam, discuss questions from previous tests, and review content in small groups under the guidance of a professional science support staff member.

SASC Google Site Resources

A variety of biology content resources — helpful videos, relevant website links, practice questions, etc. — are available to students anytime on the SASC Google Site.