ALEKS Summer Bridge Oppurtunity

ALEKS Summer Bridge is an opportunity for those students who place into a developmental level mathematics course (SAS 021 or SAS 022) to complete this coursework prior to their arrival on campus for their first semester at UNE. SAS 021 and SAS 022 are required prerequisite courses for many college level math and science courses. Eligible students are invited to participate following mathematics placement during orientation.

ALEKS is a completely on line, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system adopted by UNE to assist students in mastering the material they will need for success in college level mathematics and science courses. ALEKS is adaptive to each individual and quickly determines what a student knows and don’t know within the context of the selected modules. ALEKS offers an individualized learning plan, practice, helps, and immediate feedback from virtually any computer with Internet access.

Why should students participate?
Students who complete at least 90% of their required ALEKS modules are eligible to advance their mathematics placement level and enroll in their next required math and/or science courses.

Eligible students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity.
What if a student opts out of Summer Bridge?
If you elect not to participate in Summer Bridge or if you do not complete 90% the required modules, you will be enrolled in a traditional classroom section of SAS 021 in the fall semester and advance to your next level of math upon successful completion of that course.

How does a student enroll in Summer Bridge?
Eligible students will receive an invitation with a course code – please email if the code is lost or forgotten. Then, follow these instructions. Students should expect to spend 20 to 40 hours on ALEKS but this number will vary widely depending on their current mathematical knowledge.

Browser: Use Internet Explorer, Safari. Or Mozilla Firefox.
Go to
Select Higher Education
Select Sign Up Now
Course Code: Please email for the required course code.
Confirm the course name: Summer Bridge
You will now have an opportunity to purchase a 6-week access code for $32. This is the only cost – there are no university fees associated with participation. Type in your access code and you are ready to begin mastering math!

Assessment and Pie!
When you first log onto ALEKS, you may need to download a free plug-in or two. Then a brief tutorial will show you how to use the ALEKS answer input tools. You will need to complete an assessment (about 45 minutes). It is imperative that you complete the assessment independently and without any assistance from anyone.

Based on the results, ALEKS will develop a precise picture of your mathematics knowledge represented by a multicolor pie chart. The ALEKS pie is your entry into the Learning Mode where you will be offered a choice of topics to work on. As you master new topics, ALEKS updates your pie and opens additional modules.  You are best served by working through the modules independently.

For questions or concerns please contact:
Lori Wall
Developmental Mathematics Supervisor
Learning Assistance Services
University of New England
(207) 602-2794