Mathematics Placement Testing

Mathematics Placement Levels

Students are assigned one of five levels on the basis of their SAT/ACT Mathematics scores, their high school mathematics courses and grades, and/or their rated performance on the Accuplacer® Mathematics Placement Exam. Courses with an SAS designation are offered through the Student Academic Success Center and serve as prerequisites to mathematics and science courses. SAS courses count towards full time enrollment for the purposes of athletic eligibility and financial aid but do not satisfy core curriculum or graduation requirements and do not earn credit toward graduation. Grades for SAS courses are computed into the student's grade point average. Listed below are the mathematics placement levels and corresponding mathematics and science courses. 

L2  SAS 021 Introductory Algebra and Problem Solving
L3  SAS 022 Advanced Algebra and Problem Solving
      MAT 110 Quantitative Reasoning
      MAT 120 Statistics
      BIO 100 Biology  
      BIO 104 General Biology
      CHE 130  Principles of Chemistry
L4  MAT 130 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
      MAT 150 Statistics for the Life Sciences
      MAT 180 Precalculus
      CHE 110 General Chemistry
      CHE 125 Intro Chem/Phys
      PHY 110 General Physics I
      Any course listed in L3
L5  MAT 190 Calculus I
      Any course listed in L3 or L4
L6  MAT 195 Calculus II
     Any course listed in L3, L4 or L5

Incoming students who have a Math SAT score of 550 or higher will receive a minimum placement of L4.  A placement of L5 or L6 may be assigned based on review of high school grades, AP credit, or transfer credit. Students without a sufficient high school calculus score may elect to take the Accuplacer® placement exam in attempt to raise their placement score.

Incoming students with a Math SAT score lower than 550 are required to complete the Accuplacer® placement exam. Placement testing will be offered on the first day of new student orientation or students may complete testing by appointment at the Student Academic Success Center. The Accuplacer® exam is part of UNE’s comprehensive placement process which allows us to consider each student’s current mathematics skill level and helps us determine which math and science courses are most appropriate. Results are reported at advising and registration when a student’s first semester schedule is planned.

Students should be aware that every degree program has a mathematics requirement and that mathematics prerequisites exist for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Placement at L3 or above is required for entry into BIO 104 and BIO 100. Placement at L4 or above is required for Chemistry and Physics.  For students placing at L3, SAS 022 is the mathematics prerequisite for Precalculus (MAT 180), Chemistry (CHEM 110), Intro Chem/Physics (CHEM 125), and Physics (PHY 110). L3 placers will be invited to participate in UNE’s Summer Bridge Opportunity.

Preparing for the Exam

A strong foundation in elementary and advanced algebra is essential if a student expects to place into college level mathematics. Some students will benefit greatly by reviewing these concepts and computations prior to the placement exam. If you identify with any of the following statements or if you are concerned about your performance, you are strongly encouraged to consider a mathematics review prior to placement testing. 

  • I have not taken a math course for one or more semesters.
  • My Math SAT is lower than 550.
  • I struggle with math or have math anxiety.
  • I earned lower than a B in Algebra I or II. offers free sample questions for review as well as an inexpensive app that provides interactive practice tests for Elementary Algebra and College Level Mathematics, the test units UNE uses for placement.


ALEKS, a web-based, artificial intelligence learning system offers an excellent comprehensive (and affordable) mathematics program for review. Using adaptive questioning, ALEKS quickly zeros in on your strengths and weaknesses in math, creating an individualized study plan.

You have two options regarding a review utilizing ALEKS: A Free Three Hour Review or a Comprehensive Formal Review.

Anyone can get 3 hours of ALEKS access for free. You should choose this option if you are fairly confident of your mathematics ability but want to see what the review will entail. Choose Free Three-Hour ALEKS Option below.

If you are less confident in your mathematics ability or certain that you would like to complete a formal review prior to placement, then choose the Formal ALEKS Review below. This review will cost about $32 for a 6-week access code and will take anywhere between 20 and 45 hours to complete depending on your current math skill level. It is not necessary to complete all the modules to have a positive impact on your placement exam performance!

Free Three-Hour ALEKS Option

Follow the steps below to take advantage of 3 free hours of ALEKS access. Be sure to give yourself 1 to 1 1/2 hours to complete the 30-question assessment.  It is very important that your assessment reflect your own individual work. Inaccurate results may jeopardize your success in math and science at the college level.  Follow these instructions to enroll.

  1. Go to the ALEKS site
  2. Under the column titled "Independent Use," Click on 'Free Trial'.
  3. Under “Explore STUDENT MODULE,” click on the green box that says "Try ALEKS now."
  4. Check the User Agreement box, and click 'continue'.
  5. ALEKS will then detect the plug-in, and download it, if necessary.
    Note: If you have any trouble accessing this page, try
  6. Enter your personal information, along with the following:
    Independent User Type: I am a student.
    Choose your market: Higher Education Math
    Choose a course as follows:
    • If you struggled with Algebra and never took Precalculus or Trigonometry, select Preparation for Intermediate Algebra.
    • If you did well in Algebra but never took Precalculus or did poorly in Precalculus, select, Preparation for PreCalculus.
    • If you have taken Precalculus or Calculus, select Preparation for Calculus.
  7. You will then be assigned a login and password - write this down.
    Note: You will have 3 hours of access to the website, to be used within the next 48 hours. You can log out and back in any time using your login and password. Your 3 hours are accumulated only when you are logged in.
  8. Complete the "Answer Editor Tutorial" that shows how to type in responses.
  9. You will then be given an assessment containing approximately 30 questions.
    Note: If you log out at any time, you will always be returned to the same spot when you log back in.
  10. Upon completing the assessment, ALEKS will reveal your pie chart and scores in each area.
  11. Use the remaining time to work through modules. Should you decide that you’d like to complete a formal review, follow the instructions below for Formal ALEKS Review.

Formal ALEKS Review

Participation in the ALEKS review is completely voluntary but can only be of benefit. Students who complete a formal ALEKS Review prior to placement report more confidence in their mathematics ability and that ALEKS certainly helped them achieve a better placement result. Even if you start ALEKS but do not complete the entire set of modules, you will be better prepared for the placement exam. Follow these instructions to enroll.

Go to
Select: Higher Education
Select: Sign Up Now
Choose a course as follows:

If you struggled with Algebra and never took Precalculus or Trigonometry, select Prep for Intermediate Algebra. Course code: TLVMN-FRNRC

If you did well in Algebra but never took Precalculus or did poorly in Precalculus, select Prep for PreCalculus. Course code: XN46T-UQHKL

If you have taken Precalculus or Calculus, select Prep for Calculus.
Course code: MNPVX-YFGLN

ALEKS will ask for an access code and give you the option to purchase a code directly. Purchase the 6-week code (you do not need the 360 version) and you will be ready to get working!


Students who require accommodations for placement testing should contact Susan McDevitt, Director of Disability Services, at (207) 602-2815 at least two weeks prior to their placement testing date.

For Further Information

General inquiries regarding mathematics placement testing should be directed to Lori Wall, Developmental Mathematics Supervisor, at (207) 602-2794 or