Mathematics Placement at UNE

Mathematics Placement Levels

First year students are assigned one of five levels (UL2 thru UL6) on the basis of their SAT/ACT Mathematics scores, their high school mathematics courses and grades and/or their performance on the Accuplacer® Mathematics Placement Exam. Please note: the rubric below does not reflect new SAT scoring. A new rubric will be in place prior to March 1. 

  • A UL2 placement is assigned to students with a Math SAT score of 460 or lower (ACT 19 or lower).
  • A UL3 placement is assigned to students with a Math SAT between 470 and 540 (ACT 20 or 21) OR a Math SAT below 470 and a high school math course higher than Algebra II with a grade of A or B.
  • A UL4 placement is assigned to students with a Math SAT score of 550 or higher (ACT 22 or higher) OR a Math SAT between 500 and 540 and either high school Calculus with a grade of A or B or high school Precalculus with a grade of A.
  • A UL5 placement is assigned to students with a Math SAT score of 550 or higher (ACT 22 or higher) and high school Calculus with a grade of A or B. ​
  • UL5 or UL6 may be assigned based on AP credit or transfer credit. 

Placement testing

In the absence of SAT/ACT Mathematics scores or high school mathematics courses and grades or if the information is more than 5 years old, students will be required to take the Accuplacer® math placement test. Students may complete placement testing by appointment at the Student Academic Success Center or at another testing site that administers the Accuplacer®. Students are strongly encouraged to complete placement testing prior to student orientation

Challenging Placement

Students wishing to challenge their initial placement may submit additional evidence such as: Advanced Placement scores, updated or additional transcripts, or Accuplacer results from another college. Or, they may take the Accuplacer® placement test. Eligible students will be invited to complete UNE's Mathematics Bridge Opportunity. Contact Lori Wall at or (207) 602-2794 for more information.

Mathematics Placement Levels and Courses

Every degree program has a mathematics requirement and mathematics prerequisites exist for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Therefore, placement levels impact students differently based on their major. Placement levels and corresponding courses are listed below.

University Placement level

Math Courses

Science Courses


SAS021* Introductory Algebra



SAS022*Advanced Algebra

MAT110 Quantitative Reasoning

MAT120 Statistics

MAT170 Applications of Functions

BIO104 General Biology

BIO105 105/106

CHE130 Principles of Chemistry


MAT150 Statistics for Life Sciences MAT180 Precalculus

CHE110 General Chemistry

CHE125 Intro to Chem/Phys

PHY110 General Physics


MAT190 Calculus I


any UL3 or UL4


MAT195 Calculus II

any UL3, UL4 or UL5

If a student changes his or her major, he or she will be required to follow the prerequisites of that program which may include a different math requirement.

*Courses with an SAS designation are offered through the Student Academic Success Center and serve as prerequisites to mathematics and science courses. SAS courses count towards full time enrollment for the purposes of athletic eligibility and financial aid but do not satisfy core curriculum or graduation requirements and do not earn credit toward graduation. Grades for SAS courses are computed into the student's grade point average. Students who are required to enroll in SAS mathematics courses will be invited to participate in UNE’s Mathematics Bridge Opportunity.


Students who require accommodations for placement testing should contact Svea Howard, Coordinator of Disability Services, at (207) 602-2815 or at least two weeks prior to their placement testing date.

Preparing for the Accuplacer®

If you will be taking a mathematics placement test, you are strongly encouraged to review. offers free sample questions as well as an inexpensive app that provides interactive practice exams for Elementary Algebra and College Level Mathematics, the test units UNE uses for placement.