Learning Strategies

In the Student Academic Success Center, professional staff members help you develop and maintain the skills you need to meet the challenges of undergraduate and graduate study. This is accomplished through individual consultations, workshops and classroom presentations. We also provide the following library of resource materials describing common study and learning strategies. To access these materials, simply click on the linked topics below.

Managing your time, taking good notes, reading, and studying for exams can feel overwhelming at times. The SASC Learning Specialist can assist in developing a learning and study plan based on your individual needs. Much of the Learning Specialist’s time is spent working with you to assess your progress and effectiveness in implementing practices designed to enable your success.

College Learning, College Preparedness, and Self Assessments

Critical Thinking

Goal Setting

Learning Theory Pedagogy

Note Taking

Peer Academic Coaching

Plagiarism and Copyright Laws

Academic Integrity Policy - http://www.une.edu/studentlife/plagiarism/
Self-Test - http://www.une.edu/studentlife/plagiarism/quiz/index.cfm
U.S. Copyright Office

Public Speaking

Public Speaking


Stress Management



Test Taking

Time Management

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