Meet the Tutors

Peter Alfano - Peter is a Medical Biology major who aspires to be a Physician Assistant. A member of the class of 2015, Peter joined the peer writing support staff in Spring 2012. Peter's extracurricular activities include Pre-PA Club, UNE EMS and intramural flag football. Peter enjoys having the opportunity to develop fellow students' writing skills while improving his own skills at the same time.

Ryan Camire - Ryan joined the peer tutoring staff in September 2012, during his sophomore year. Ryan is president of the Nursing Club.  He is also involved in the Neuroscience Club, Neuroscience K-12 Outreach Program, student research and intramural soccer. Ryan is particularly eager to help students develop the crucial skills for A&P, a difficult yet exciting course.

Jamie Delaney (CRLA trained) - Jamie is a sophomore Nursing major who joined the peer tutoring staff in Fall 2011. Active in the Nursing Club, Jamie's other interests include drawing, photography and reading. She believes a benefit of peer tutoring is having the opportunity for students to see content presented from another perspective.

Alissa Dzis- Alissa joined the peer writing tutor team in Spring 2012. She is motivated to tutor and put her skills in writing to work. A Medical Biology major who aspires to be a large animal veterinarian, Alissa also enjoys soccer, horseback riding, drawing and photography.

Kayla Gjelsvik - Kayla, a Medical Biology major with a minor in Mathematics, is a member of the Class of 2015. Outside of academics, Kayla is involved in the Pre-Med Club, the Aquarium Club and College Community Mentoring Program. One of her favorite pastimes is Irish Dance. Kayla enjoys helping students succeed in their courses and strives to help them gain an understanding of the material and its application to real life.

Robert Gomez - Rob joined the tutoring staff in November 2012 as the professional chemistry tutor. Rob's other interests include competing in distance running events. Rob is always excited to help students gain confidence in their ability to learn chemistry and organic chemistry.

Megan Grumbling - Megan is a writing specialist for the Student Academic Success Center. In addition to teaching the Writing Tutorial course each semester, Megan offers writing support hours each spring semester.

Marina Izzi - Marina joined the peer tutoring staff in Spring 2013 as a Calculus tutor. A member of APB and Storm Surge, Marina loves getting involved and helping people and events succeed. Marina believes that success comes to those who work for it and that perseverance and determination are keys.

Alicen Johnson - Alicen, an Occupational Therapy major, tutors Intro to Chem/Phts. Her many extracurricular activities include running and volunteering with Special Olympics. A member of Alpha Chi, Alicen says she enjoys helping people in any way she can and that is why becoming a tutor attracted her.

Kristina Michaud - Kristina is Medical Biology major who joined the peer tutoring staff in September 2012. A nominee for the Sophomore Award for Academic Excellence, Kristina was highly recommended by her Organic Chemistry and AP&P professors. Kristina is a member of the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC), IMMUNE Club and Pre Med Club. Kristina also spends her time interning at Goodall Pediatrics. Kristina reports that she has used the other peer tutors several times for help with her own studies.

Jack Moore - Jack works for the Student Academic Success Center during the fall semester. Jack is a Writing Tutorial instructor and also offers writing support hours.

Tim Newell - Tim, a member of the Class of 2014 and a Biochemistry major, joined the tutoring staff in September 2012. Tim is motivated to help students understand course concepts and to help students develop the thought processes needed for problem solving.

Ian Pelletier - Ian joined the peer tutoring staff in September 2012 as a sophomore. A Medical Biology/Biochemistry major, Ian is part of UNE's EMS Club and participates in Flag Football and student research. An Eagle Scout, Ian loves being outdoors and hiking. 

Travis Pitre - Travis, a member of the class of 2015, began tutoring his sophomore year. Outside of his courses leading to a degree in Neuroscience, Travis likes backpacking and being in nature. After informally helping his peers with Statistics, Travis joined the SASC peer tutoring staff and encourages students to see him for Stats help.

Jill Randall - Jill is the SASC professional physics tutor as well as a physics instructor at UNE. Jill joined the SASC staff in Spring 2012. Jill earned her Bachelor of Science in Physics from the College of St. Benedict and her Master of Science in Physics and Space Science from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Katherine Rehill - Kathy joined the SASC professional staff in August 2011. Kathy is available to tutor Intro to Algebra and Advanced Algebra.

Milos Sinik (CRLA trained) - Milos, a Medical Biology major and a member of the class of 2014, joined the peer tutoring staff in Fall 2011. Milos' academic interests include neurological research. Favorite pastimes include basketball and swimming. Milos endeavors to help each student develop skills that result in academic excellence.

Lori Wall  - Professional Tutor - Lori is the developmental mathematics supervisor for the Student Academic Success Center and an instructor of Basic Math, Introduction to Algebra & Advanced Algebra at UNE.  Lori also adjuncts for the Business and Mathematics departments and is available to tutor Financial Accounting and Quantitative Reasoning.

Janithri Wickramanayake (CRLA trained) - Janithri joined the peer tutoring staff in Fall 2011. A Biological Sciences major, Janithri is a member of the class of 2014.  Janithri is a member of UNE's International Club. She enjoys helping others to be successful in their classes.