Writing Resources

General Grammar, Sentence Mechanics, Usage and Essay Development

Helpful for use in self-teaching, self-assessment, and peer writing tutoring.

Five Paragraph Essay: An easy to use site that leads the user through the steps of writing an essay. Also includes useful examples of outlines, paragraphs, and essays.
Guide to Grammar and Style: Listing of common writing principles and usage errors, from Rutgers University.
Guide to Grammar and Writing: A clearinghouse of grammatical and paragraph-level resources for writers, from Capital Community College.
Online Writing Lab (OWL): Good resource for tip sheets and other writing aids, from Purdue University.
Online Writing Resources: Towson University's site for information on parts of speech, sentence structure, and usage. Includes self-teaching units and exercises.
Writing Center at Rensselear: An easy-to-use site presenting helpful tips for a wide variety of writing projects such as lab reports, critiques, presentations, career and graduate applications, citing in APA and MLA, as well as general writing advice.
Writer's Checklist: A source from Sweet Briar College Academic Resource Center
Writing Resources on the WWW: Collection from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Writer's Web: Comprehensive resource for, among other things, grammar, sentence mechanics, idea development, clarity, documentation of sources and editing/revising.

Citation Style Guides



AMA Style Guide: The official guide for writing in the medical profession for physicians and medical students.


APA Research Style Crib Sheet: Excellent for APA citation style for nursing, psychology, etc.
APA Style: Very good resource for APA style, includes other online resources for academic writers.
APA Writing: This site provides an overview of research and citation, an overview of the APA format with a workshop, and an APA formatting and style guide.
APA Sample Paper: This site provides a sample paper in the APA format, downloadable as a PDF, that illustrates how to make in-text citations in a variety of ways and shows in detail how an APA formatted paper looks.
APA Format: This site provides "Quick Answers" for a wide variety of the typical questions those unfamiliar with the format might have on references, formatting and all the basic features of the APA style.


20th Century Information Fluency: This site provides wizards for citing sources in CSE, APA and MLA formats
The Writer's Handbook: CSE Citation Style: This site provides information about the CSE Manual and page links for each of the three CSE citation systems, citation-sequence, name-year and citation-name.


Online Writing Lab (OWL): This site provides an overview of research and citation, an overview of the MLA format with a workshop, and and MLA formatting and style guide.

Reference and Research

Resources applicable to library research and writing in general.
Dictionary: Dictionary, thesaurus and other writing resources.

Writing Tutorials

Self-guided UNE Power Point presentations on select essay fundamentals.

The Critical Essay
Integrating Quotations
Literature Reviews
The Thesis

Writing in Medicine: Includes sample student drafts of case studies, reflective writing and incident reports, along with annotated revisions.

Writing for Standardized Exams

Online resources dedicated to preparing for the writing components of standardized examinations such as the PCAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT.


Study Guide Zone: This site presents an overview of the PCAT including the essay and is a general guide to preparing for the PCAT. No sample essays are provided.


Educational Testing Service: This site introduces the test procedure and includes sample prompts and sample response essays illustrating each score level.


LSAT Writing Sample: This site provides a description of the procedure, a sample prompt and a sample response essay.
Test Prep: This site discusses the essay's importance, describes the procedure, and links to a sample and response as well as providing links to the topics of LSAT logical reasoning and reading comprehension.


Educational Testing Service: This site describes the writing test and provides sample essay prompts and sample essays illustrating each score level.