SAS010, Writing Tutorial

Writing Tutorial is a skills-based, writing-intensive course. Instructors provide the following:

  • Practice in basic writing skills.
  • Exposure to skills necessary for successful writing at the post-secondary level, such as conducting library research, using appropriate methods of citation, and evaluating sources of information critically.
  • Direct application of writing skills to your content courses.
  • Exposure to various types of reading, which is used as stimuli for discussion and as a model for effective writing styles and techniques.

Learning Objectives

  • Writing sentences using standard syntax and grammar.
  • Writing structurally coherent paragraphs.
  • Editing and revising papers.
  • Understanding and using terminology pertinent to various modes of writing (for example, “thesis,” “exposition”).
  • Writing formal paper(s) (for example, research papers, critical analyses, case studies, expositions, narratives).

All sections include the following components:

  • Small group meetings (1/week). 
  • Individual or small group appointments (1/week).
  • On-going writing assignments.
  • Collaborative learning.
  • Instruction and practice in the use of writing reference guides. 
  • Instruction and practice in the use of appropriate methods of citation.
  • Introduction to library research.

As determined by individual instructor, WT may also include: 

  • Introduction to critical analysis of sources (World Wide Web, for example).
  • Portfolio development.
  • Practical application of reading strategies related to writing (summarization, for example).


As determined by individual instructor:

  • Writing reference (e.g., Allyn and Bacon’s Handbook for Writers, Simon and Schuster’s Handbook for Writers, McWhonter's Success for College Writing).
  • Readings (e.g., journal articles, editorials, reader selections, etc., as determined by individual instructors).


  • Informal writing (e.g., journals, response papers, self-critique logs).
  • Paragraph-level writing (e.g., definitions, analysis, synthesis, summarization, evaluation).

Grading and Credits

  • You receive letter grades.
  • WT carries three credits.
  • Credits count toward full-time enrollment, but they do not count toward graduation.
  • You must pass WT before enrolling in English Composition, a UNE undergraduate Core Curriculum requirement.