Jacques Downs Award Outstanding Graduating Senior

This is a College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate student award. Nominations for the Jacques Downs award are solicited each year from the Biddeford Campus's faculty and staff. The Awards Committee then reviews the nominations and selects one outstanding student. This honor is bestowed upon the most accomplished student in the Senior Class on the Biddeford Campus at the annual Awards Ceremony and Dessert Reception in April.

Considerations for this award are primarily the student's academic achievement, scholarly work, and service considerations during her/his UNE career.

Current Recipient:

  • 2016 Megan E. Perry, Biochemistry/Applied Mathematics

Previous Recipients:

  • 2015 Aidan McParland, Medical Biology/Med Sciences
                 Ioana Panaitiu, Political Science
  • 2014 Cecelia A. French, Medical Biology/Sociology
  • 2013 Lindsay M. Forrette, Animal Behavior
  • 2012 Briana W. Chu, Elementary Education
  • 2011 Alexandra E. Panaitiu, Biochemistry
  • 2010 Dora K. Clements, Political Science
  • 2009 Emily W. Zimmermann, Marine Biology
  • 2008 Nicholas Tito, Chemistry
  • 2007 Michaela R. O'Rourke, Medical Biology
  • 2006 Anthony Bellantuono, Marine Biology 
  • 2005 Danielle Doherty, Psychology
  • 2004 Heather Kirchdorfer, English
  • 2003 Jennifer Blair, Medical Biology
  • 2002 Tammy Tuminelli, Environmental Science
  • 2001 Sarah Spencer
  • 2000 Ian Paquette, Biochemistry/Medical Biology
  • 1999 Alissa Towle
  • 1998 Marie DesLauriers
  • 1997 Jessica Nelson