Maroon Award: Outstanding Graduating Senior, Portland Campus

Nominated by faculty and staff and then chosen by representative members of the senior class, the Maroon Award is presented each year to a graduating undergraduate student on the Portland Campus. The award is given to a student who serves as a role model to others by demonstrating and maintaining high academic standards, superior leadership qualities, collaborative working relationships and demonstrated service to improve the quality of life for others. This award is presented each year at the annual Westbrook College of Health Professions Undergraduate Pinning and Awards Ceremony in May.

The Maroon Award has been modified over the years to accommodate institutional changes and traditions. It began as a Westbrook College Outstanding Senior Award. With this honor, the recipient was invited to address the graduating class during Commencement ceremonies, speaking on the value of leadership and the importance of contribution to society. In more recent years, the Maroon Award recipient has led the procession of graduates during Commencement.

Current Recipient:

Will be announced at the Westbrook College of Health Professions Undergraduate Pinning and Awards Ceremony on May 19, 2017.

Previous Recipients:

  • 2016 Sophie Forslund, Nursing
  • 2015 Ryan Camire, Nursing
  • 2014 Nicholas Durand, Nursing
  • 2013 Georgia Smith, Nursing
  • 2012 Meagan Chandler, Nursing
  • 2011 Laurianne Bennett, Nursing
  • 2010 Brenda Connell, Nursing
  • 2009 Stephanie E. Hebb, Dental Hygiene
  • 2008 Courtney E. Clark, Nursing
  • 2007 Kristian Haralson, Nursing
  • 2006 Lisa Tranni, Dental Hygiene 
  • 2005 Lisa Kneeland, Dental Hygiene
  • 2004 Craig Arnold, Dental Hygiene
  • 2003 Leanne Doughty, Dental Hygiene
  • 2002 Maribeth Aeschback, Dental Hygiene
    ​​ Kathleen Sherman, Nursing
  • 2001 Christina A. Chandler, American Studies
  • 2000 Jennifer M. Martin, Dental Hygiene
  • 1999 Mary A. Dechene, Dental Hygiene