Writing Resource Program

Whether you are a UNE student or faculty member, you can benefit from the writing support services offered by the Student Academic Success Center (SASC).

Our writing specialists and peer and professional writing tutors work with students to improve their understanding of and skills in various stages of the writing process (e.g., brainstorming, creating drafts, editing and revising), and to develop their knowledge and use of academic writing conventions. Our approach is interactive — students are expected to maintain control of the paper’s authorship — with our writing support specialists and tutors acting as coaches, guides and facilitators, rather than editors. For more details, go to Writing Support.

We also maintain a collection of both print and electronic resources UNE students can use independently to improve their understanding of academic writing conventions and of important writing elements such as organization, focus, clarity, appropriate and effective use of sources, and English grammar. These include both handouts and videos, and can be accessed in the center or by going to Writing Links.

Writing support services for UNE faculty take the form of in-class presentations during which we orient students to our services. We also can provide writing workshops tailored to the class’s specific need. Go to Writing Outreach for more information on SASC’s writing services for faculty.