Campus Access Guide

President's Message

Welcome to the University of New England. We strive to promote a supportive, inclusive community that ensures UNE’s rich educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities are accessible to our students, faculty, and professional staff.

If you are a person with a disability, please know that we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your needs. We adhere to applicable state and federal laws – including the Americans with Disabilities Act – and have been working aggressively to improve the accessibility of our buildings and facilities. This includes modifying older structures so that programs, services, and activities are accessible, as well as designing new buildings to be fully accessible.

This guide features detailed information about our ramps, elevators, restrooms, and other campus fixtures for your benefit.

If you are a student with further questions, please contact the Director of the Student Access Center at (207) 221-4418. Questions from all others should be directed to the Executive Director of Human Resources, in that person’s capacity as the ADA Compliance Officer, at (207) 602-2339.


James D. Herbert, Ph.D.