Community Therapy Center

The Occupational Therapy Department at UNE enhanced OT practice through a 30-year history of strong community ties, connection to the university and impact on students. Historically, services were primarily focused on children and youth. In recent years, an interprofessional focus was added to the occupational therapy team of practitioners.

Transition Statement:

The occupational therapy department gratefully acknowledges the work of the original Community Occupational Therapy Clinic (Biddeford, Maine) (COTC) for innovation and provision of exceptional therapy services to children and their families and learning opportunities for UNE students from 1981-2015. The COTC has been re-named to illustrate the commitment to services for all ages and within many healthcare professions. The Community Therapy Center (CTC) will continue to provide meaningful therapy services on the Portland campus for the community as well as campus-based interprofessional educational opportunities for student learning.

Moving Forward

The transformation of the CTC will meet community needs and address student needs for additional experiential learning opportunities connected to education at the Westbrook College of Health Professions. The college is currently implementing programming (see application- hyperlink) that is directly linked to student learning objectives and faculty-driven. 

The CTC will be a model of innovative excellence in inter-professional, clinical education and service to the community. The CTC will blend educational value for students, inter-professional learning opportunities, and service to the community, while advancing scholarship to the health professions. The WCHP CTC on the Portland campus provides learning opportunities with innovative programming. Programming is currently taking place in various settings across the campus and within the community.