Upon graduating with your B.S. in Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies, you may pursue a career in wellness promotion as a wellness coordinator, health coach, or community health worker. You may apply your knowledge of human occupation as an activity director, recreation coordinator, behavioral health technician, or mental health rehabilitation technician. You may also use your skills to work in a special education setting, become a case manager, or become medical salesperson.

You may also choose to further your studies through a graduate program. We invite you to apply to UNE’s graduate Occupational Therapy program and offer a Pre-OT Designation; see Admissions to learn more about the Graduate Pathways to Success program. With your Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies degree, you may also pursue a wide variety of graduate degrees in fields such as Disability Studies, Occupational Science, Counseling, Accessibility, Nutrition and many allied health fields.

If you choose to enter the workforce directly with your Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies degree, you can apply for ACSM/NSPAPPH specialty certification in Physical Activity in Public Health, ACSM/NCPAD certification as an Inclusive Fitness Trainer, CHES certification as a Health Education Specialist, or FDC credentialing as a Family Development Specialist.