COMPtime: Competencies for Collaborative Health Care

Online Interprofessional Training

The Center for Excellence in Interprofessional Education is developing a series of up to five interactive online modules collectively called COMPtime, as in time for competency.

The purpose of COMPtime is to demonstrate UNE's IPE priorities to graduate students, new faculty and faculty teaching within the IPEC curriculum. The modules will deliver multimedia explanations and demonstrations of the four core competencies:

  • Knowledge of the roles and  responsibilities of other health professions
  • Interprofessional and interpersonal communication
  • Teamwork
  • Ethics

The modules will also address leadership and patient-centeredness.

COMPtime will benefit from curricular development by UNE faculty and staff, and professional script development by Add Verb Productions and expert video and editing by UNE's media professionals including the Simulation Lab. Collaboratively we seek to design and develop materials that will:

  • Pique student curiosity about what others do
  • Demonstrate how common attitudes and goals are shared
  • Promote respect across disciplines
  • Enhance the process by which health professionals consider and choose to make referrals to colleagues from other health disciplines

All the modules will follow a patient through a six-month period from one dental cleaning to another. The patient will find out she has type 2 diabetes via an ER admit for a broken ankle, precipitated by bad balance and obesity. We will introduce the team as the patient meets them, and demonstrate roles, communication, teamwork and ethics through their interactions with the patient and each other.

These modules will set the stage for all other IPE opportunities on campus. The first module is complete, and can be found here:

  • COMPtime: Introduction to the Health Professions
  • An introduction to the roles and responsibilities of a health professions team that emphasizes the distinct perspectives that each discipline brings to the delivery of care will be available by September 1, 2015.

Viewers will see clear illustrations of why it is relevant for each professional to be informed about the roles and responsibilities of others. This is critical to understanding why and how a team-based approach can and must be cultivated. This module will include brief, informative descriptions of all the health professions programs at UNE, as well as links to more detailed descriptions and resources.

Students will receive a certificate as proof of completion and transcript notation.