The Department of Nursing allows you to follow a curriculum that suits your needs. In our traditional B.S. program, our B.S. completion program for registered nurses, and our accelerated B.S. program for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a major other than nursing, you benefit from superior academic instruction and hands-on clinical practice.

Our approach ensures that you gain a broad base of knowledge in the sciences, humanities and related health disciplines, and also an expert’s knowledge of the theory and practices underlying the nursing profession. Through immersive coursework and clinical experience, you gain confidence in your knowledge and the ability to apply it to best-address patient need.

You benefit from our nursing skill laboratories, which simulate real-life clinical challenges, and from working in a variety of hospital and community settings. You learn to serve diverse patient populations and to work with other health professionals as part of a health care delivery team.

Depending upon your previous education and work experience, you may choose one of the following undergraduate programs:

Four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program

If you are just beginning your education, this program leads to a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

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Registered Nurse Bachelor Completion (RN-BSN) Program

If you are already a Registered Nurse, this program enables you to earn a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

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Accelerated Second Degree Bachelor (A-BSN) Program

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree in a different major, this 16-month program enables you to earn a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

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Nurse Anesthesia

As a CRNA you provide direct care to patients before, during and after the operation. Our M.S. in Nurse Anesthesia is a 27-month, two-phase program that positions you to succeed in a range of clinical settings.

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