Registered Nurse Bachelor Completion Program (RN to BSN)

If you are already a registered nurse but don’t have a bachelor’s degree, our RN to BSN completion program is designed to broaden and enhance your base of knowledge and skillset. It provides enhanced understanding of evidence-based nursing, increases the career opportunities available to you, and provides you with the credentials to pursue a graduate degree.

Through classroom and clinical instruction, the curriculum emphasizes nursing theory, research, health assessment, critical thinking, clinical theory and practice, health care of populations, leadership, management, and nursing teaching and learning. The curriculum also introduces different ways of knowing through interprofessional opportunities, and through exploration of the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities.

Nursing coursework is offered one or two days a week, depending upon which completion path you choose. This allows you to continue working as a nurse throughout your time in the program, and encourages you to apply concepts learned on campus to your clinical practice.

Upon completion of the program, you are prepared to serve as a direct care provider, researcher, manager and leader, health teacher, and change agent and interprofessional collaborator or coordinator.

This program may be completed in one, one and one-half or two years of full-time study, or four years of part-time study. Application to the program must be made through the Centralized Application Service for Nursing Programs (NursingCAS).

To learn more about the program, see Curriculum or visit our Catalog.