Here are some observations about UNE's Occupational Therapy program from some students and recent graduates.

Marylynn Everton '14

"The Occupational Therapy Department has an amazing group of teachers.  They all equally care about your success in the profession so much.  They always provide the encouragement and feedback needed to excel in the program.  Throughout the program, they really prepare you for what lies ahead.  Because the class size at UNE is so small, you really get to know your teachers on a more personal level, which I like.  You are not just a number to them in the class—they know who you are.  The OT department is full of a great group of teachers who are great mentors helping everyone complete their journey to become an OT. 

"I also loved that UNE offers a study abroad program that allows individuals studying in health professions to take advantage of that experience.  I was fortunate enough to spend my spring semester of junior year studying abroad in Australia at Bond University.  While in Australia I was able to travel to New Zealand as well.  Studying abroad was the best experience I have ever had and I encourage anyone who has this opportunity to take it. "

Tim Devine '14

"I am so very happy with my choice of the University of New England. I am impressed with the access to my professors at UNE and that they are caring individuals that have a strong desire to see students succeed. 

"The small class sizes allow for an optimal learning experience, and the small student-to-teacher ratio enabled me to form healthy relationships with my professors. At UNE I volunteer for multiple OT-sponsored events to engage with other OT students, health professionals, and the outside community.  I play numerous intramural sports to stay involved within the UNE community and continue to build and cultivate friendships with people other than health sciences majors. "

Torie Cambra '13

"The Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) was one of my most valued educational experiences during my graduate program at UNE. IPEC’s mission focuses on educating university members on relationship-centered health care that is comprehensive, collaborative, caring, and continuous throughout the life cycle. The program offered weekly lectures by guest speakers that focused on issues ranging from healthcare access problems in rural Maine, to transgender healthcare concerns, to the impact of homelessness in Portland.

"The development of my final research project has been one of the most important contributions to my professional growth. With the guidance of my research professor, I constructed a device and research methodology to assist male spinal cord injury patients with self-catheterization. "

Meredith Cohen '13

"From the start I took advantage of the many opportunities during my short time at UNE. Being elected class president gave me the opportunity to organize various events on campus and throughout the Portland community. I also owe my rich and diverse experience over the past two years to UNE and its focus on interprofessional education, as it gave me the recent opportunity to be involved in the planning and facilitation of the 2013 Spring Symposium. 

"The occupational therapy curriculum at UNE provided great opportunities to interact with a diverse population and a variety of diagnosis. The most influential experience was from my time at the Krempel’s Center in Portsmouth, N.H. Krempel’s is a day treatment program for individuals who have experienced a traumatic or acquired brain injury. It was an inspiring and eye-opening experience of the impact that Occupational Therapy can have on the lives of these individuals. It set a high standard and has become the epitome of the type of career setting I hope to achieve after graduation."