Center for Health Policy, Planning, and Research

Translating research into policy and practice for health

The Center for Health Policy, Planning and Research (CHPPR) is a department of the University of New England's School of Community and Population Health (CCPH) dedicated to improving the health status of populations. We design, research, and evaluate policies and programs related to access, delivery, cost, and quality of health care in the U.S. and abroad.

CHPPR believes that:

  • Strategies to improve health care access and delivery should be evidence-based and built upon the tenets of patient-centered care.
  • Lasting improvements in health status occur when communities, families, patients and health providers participate in planning and implementing change.
  • Successful innovations in health care at the community level inform effective policy innovations at state and national levels.

CHPPR performs high quality planning, training, research and evaluation services across five health areas:

  • Policy Research on innovations that directly impact the delivery of health care. Areas of focus include access to care, quality of care, health insurance coverage and use of information technology. We conduct research on policies and innovative programs that meet population health care needs and perform evaluation studies to determine the impact on access, quality, costs, and sustainability.
  • Primary Health Care with a special focus on chronic disease prevention, treatment and care coordination. We assess the use of primary care services for appropriateness and cost-benefit. We design and/or evaluate models and processes for improving quality and access to care. Our work informs integration of care across the continuum (medical, community and patient), improves patient self-management and identifies health disparities.
  • Health Informatics with a special focus on strategies that optimize the use of health data and information systems for decision-making by health care providers, consumers and policy-makers.
  • Strategic Planning for Community, Populations, and Health Delivery Systems to identify gaps in services and key drivers of health status. We use a comprehensive data driven process to assess communities and identify best practice solutions that fit with the local needs of populations and the delivery system.
  • Health Communication and Training with a focus on health literacy, plain language, and clear health communication. We help organizations develop clear health communication policies, train health professionals in effective communication strategies, and develop print and web-based materials that are appropriate and accessible to consumers/patients.

We work with health providers, insurers, health focused associations, and governments.

The Center for Health Policy, Planning and Research is located in Linnell Hall on UNE's Portland Campus in Portland, Maine.



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